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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]

Milk postponed to after run tomorrow. Beethoven after that. So I should probably get up... around 8. up 8 run/milk 8:40 shower 9:30 beethoven 10? ... yes, that should be enough time. I am almost positive my CD player's in the Alpha room - but I don't really need it right now anyway.

It is feeling like a really good idea to fold my clothes and crawl into bed with a book for an hour or so, then maybe drift off to sleep to some nice radio music.

All things I haven't done for ages.

When I was eight, I asked how long I may stay up and read after I brushed my teeth and said my prayers. I was expecting maybe half an hour. But Dad told me I could stay up AN ENTIRE HOUR. Not only was that an hour of sheer luxury, but staying up an entire hour meant I got to stay up reading until TEN O'CLOCK. And that was REALLY LATE!

I wish I had more books that were good enough to lose an hour in. :p Or enough sleep that I wouldn't be liable to doze off... :S

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Current Music: The night is young and you're so glamorous!.... (in head)
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Alum - graduated 2001. Did: band, winterguard, occasional stints in the theatre. Did not: do any homework... ;p


(no subject) - (Anonymous)

hee hee hee.

give it a couple years....

i talked to my band director today - one of the guys who was a freshman when i was a senior is looking at going to school here. and i realized that all the people i remember as tiny baby freshmen are going to START COLLEGE NEXT YEAR.
and everything sort of went Urrrrgghhghhh...

and then i think about how impossibly young *i* must seem to said band director. who isn't even that old! :p

but i think years are much longer when you're young. i mean... you get much older between 14 and 18 than you do between 34 and 38.

Anyway. Since I'm sure you wanted a dissertation.... O_o