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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]
nonintegration of LJ and why I prefer to stay home

Long long ago, when I joined, LJ was a tiny little community (in terms of users) - I'm member 118,884 (which means that I am the 118,884th account created - which I guesstimate to mean that I was between the 80,000th and 100,000th person to make an account, taking into consideration multiple accounts and communities.) 80,000 people is a good number, but not an insane amount my any means, especially not on the web. It's fewer people than currently live in Columbia, MO.

Then invite codes were implemented, and LJ continued to be a fairly slow-growth comm - and anyone who did get a journal had at least one person who ostensibly at least semi knew the ropes.

Then invite codes were removed, and everyone bellyached about all the morons that were going to flood LJ. (As I write this there are 2,346,195 accounts - almost 200(edit: I'm a moron) times as many as when I created this journal in May 2001.)

Indubitably morons *have* flooded LJ, and yet I have seen none of them - or at least very few. I don't get comments from them, I don't find that they've randomly friended me, I don't see them in the communities I frequent. Have all of them somehow managed to create communities and LJ-lives for themselves that are completely independent of mine? Quite a feat.

In fact, the only marked differences I've noticed are that (1) searching for users by interest is no longer a useful way to spend your time (as most interests are shared by a ridiculous number of people), and (2) a random user's journal is not liable to yield good reading material or really anything worthwhile at all.

So I stay home.