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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]

the_bolter asked, What has sparked your religious Renaissance lately?

I don't really know, but I like it. It's not really just a religious Renaissance - that's a part of it. But I also want to write and run and eat non-crap food (well, except now when I really want some BBQ Fritos) and live well and make a new peace with how much I don't understand and probably never will. I want to fly. I want to sing. I want to not have anything to do. I want to shine and be brilliant. I really, really want to do *what I want to do* and not what everyone thinks I should be doing.

Not of course that this is terribly feasible at the moment. And I think that what I want to do and what I do now that I want to keep doing may not be compatible.


Does anyone know any good schools for botany/horticulture? (Preferably near Kansas City.)

Current Mood: contemplativecontemplative
Current Music: Sounds of Silence -- the Beatles? (>;D)


You're in KC?!

No... being in KC is one of the things I want to do that's incompatible with what I am already doing. :/ I'm outside of Columbia, MO.

I was in KC last month!

We're going to have to get together or something, next time I'm down there. I should have my car, this time...


That would r00le.

Is there anyplace in particular you like to go?

I've only been there twice... I don't know the area well.

Anywhere is cool with me -

I so didn't know you were near there! I'm all sorts of excited for the next time I head down!!

D'you want to go for food of some sort?

(And of course the next question is - what sort? I know of good Middle Eastern and Oriental places; my favorite diner/burger joint is in KC; I was introduced to this Mexican dive in Independence that makes fantastic guacamole; if you grab a few other people who can agree on what to eat, we can go for Italian - and of course there's always Einstein Bros. And SHERIDAN'S!...)

Food is always good...

And after a two hour drive (for whichever of us is making that drive), it'll be about food time :P

Middle Eastern and Oriental are always good... diners are always good... guacamole is wonderful... and I'm sure I could grab a few more people for Italian. :P I guess it depends on what we're wanting at the time!

I probably won't be down for at least another couple months...

I just got a job, need to save up for an apartment, and plan on heading down there again right before I move out... so I'll have to save up that money too... it'll be a while :P

Cool. :)

My schedule will become somewhat clearer near the end of March, and then substantially clearer after May 8th (graduation - I'm not graduating but I have to hang around till then to play for it. :P)

Then schedule will be shot all to hell after June 6th, when I leave on tour. Will return August 6th or 7th.

So that's my life story from now till a long time from now... ;)

It'll probably be end of April-beginning of Mayish...

I'm all sorts of excited now... another person to occupy my time while I'm there!

hee hee hee and Mwee!

::does a small dance while giggling goofily::

*giggles at you*

Okay... I need sleep, I think. Toooo giddy.

Oh yeah. Sleep.


::kicks stupid paper:: Write yourself, darn you.

Happy sleeping :D

Get off the computer! Or at least get off livejournal!!

Satisfactory writing, and happy sleeping to you, too ;)

the sounds of what?

def. the Beatles... def. ;)

hey, that sounds pretty wonderful to me. rock on.