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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]
More About Yoghurt

Thanks in no small part to the promptings of a somewhat pushy but quite smiley sample lady, I am currently eating AE Strawberry White Chocolate yoghurt. I'll let you know what I think of it as soon as I figure that out myself. It's completely inoffensive, but it still makes me go '...hmm...' - it seems to me a bit more like strawberry faux-caramel than strawberry white chocolate.

I am (for the record) completely agog at Hen House's yoghurt selection. There were all the ordinary kinds, plus really odd ones like this one and cherry limeade and apple pie. (I had some apple pie yoghurt last night at Ethan's behest - it was equally inoffensive and somewhat less 'hmm'-y though still a fair bit so. I was truly terrified of the potential 'hmm' quotient of cherry limeade yoghurt, so I avoided it (though I did consider it a while.)

It was a good weekend. I'm utterly knackered.

Discovered the reason it's been so cold in my room the past few days is not because I am simply inept at shutting the storm window, but because I had somehow gotten the screen stuck in the storm-window track, thus making it quite impossible to get said storm window to close properly. Things fixed now (I think.)

The play was v. v. good. I <3 going to see Ethan's plays. I was also glad Season was in a better mood today.

There's also some game on PS2 - I think it's called Champions of Norgorod or something. It's the only new game since GTA III I've liked. Not terribly complicated (you run around and kill stuff and collect gold and objects.) No fancy combinations of buttons or complicated attacks or important backstory or anything (I had two options for combat: hit the opponent or throw stuff at the opponent). It's good times. I finished the first level and a half in about half an hour.


Agog, knackered: great words. That yogurt business sounds like great fun. I prefer plain and simple strawberry, I must say. Breyer's fruit on the bottom rocks my socks.

paean to the gods of live cultures

FotB roooooles. I was yoghurt-raised on those little mini-Dannon sixpacks (raspberry and blueberry was my favorite; strawberry and blueberry was also acceptable.) I recently discovered that the big (8 oz) Dannons were 9 cents cheaper each than the Yoplaits that I sort of converted to (because yoghurt in mid-MO sucks) - they aren't the same as they used to be (the yoghurt on top isn't actually plain anymore, it's sweetened, and the fruit isn't as jellyish as it used to be) but they're still oh so good. ::drools a little::

You were in my general vicinity and didn't tell me?! ::pouts:: Couch is here for your sleeping pleasure, dude.


It simply does not work to visit Ethan and visit other people in the same trip. I have tried it. It was no good.

Sometimes I have managed to make two discrete (not discreet, but discrete) trips without returning to my point of origin, but I had less than 24 hours in which to make this one. :S

I did however notice that it was the 1-year anniversery of my last trip to Douthart - the people at the Hen House were once again distributing Mardi Gras beads as I once again bought my enormous Vat o' Arizona Tea.

What are you doing after mid-March?

Hey, you're right =) After mid-March, I am going somewhere for Spring Break and enjoying the rest of Joerg's stay. (You are of course welcome to come see him as well, but the couch might be occupied.) He leaves April 10th or so, which makes me completely free after that.


Oh yeah. You witnessed this once (we went to Winstead's on the plaza - you brought Mel and I think some other friends of yours, I brought Ethan and Ben-chan and ... maybe David, I don't remember.) It would have been freshman year, methinks.

I will have to get back to you on dates. Like, I think the weekend right after Apr. 10th is SAI province days at Truman. Or something. Meebly.


Champions of Norrath.

You know what drives me up the wall is Go-Gurt. What the fuck. Oh, I'm a little guy and I can't carry the big old hefty thing of yogurt, PLUS the spoon, so I need the partially gelatinated yummy treat that I can suck out of a tube--I refer to Go-Gurt, of course, the yogurt I can eat/drink/consume ON THE GO.

Yeah, that.

I cannot eat Go-Gurt since I deduced what certain guys in my youth group used it as a euphemism for.

Not, mind, that I ate it to begin with.