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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]

Judy thinks Bolter is probably right; she and referred me to the counseling dep't. Getting an appointment is going to be good fun - there are very very few times they're open when I'm not in class. :p

She is licensed and qualified to dispense prescriptions - she tells me she is certainly willing to do so, but just likes to have input from the psych people. Also tells me that generally medications are more effective when accompanied by counseling. So that's all good.

It occurred to me that perhaps the reason I was more willing to go see her about this than the other problems I thought I was having was because I didn't automatically associate it with drugs.

But it's all good. :)

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Wow! your school has a licensed counselor that can dispense prescriptions, i am amazed!!! my school doesnt have that... and our counselor tells all of your business!


actually - the nurse practitioner (Judy) writes perscriptions - the counselors can't (I don't think) so they defer that delightful job (heh) to her.

And I've never been to see them - they may be pains in the butt as well. ::shrugs::

I don't know what the problem is, nor is it my business, but I wish you luck with it. Depending on what's up, the medication thing scares me a bit. Just from my own experience. But anyhow. If you wish to let me know, then I'd be more than willing to listen and/or share some of my experiences. My thoughts are with you.



I am equally trepid about medication. Medication = drugs.

But I have spent a long time telling myself I would rather be miserable than medicated, and... it's just not true anymore. :/ Frankly, I would rather be medicated and alive than not medicated and surviving.

I've never had many qualms about medication--my sister, if she gets a headache, won't take an Advil. I never understood that. So I didn't have any problem with going on prozac myself, until after the doctor prescribed it for me. Then the problem wasn't so much the idea of putting a drug in my body, but getting used to the idea that I am a person who, at least right now, needs to be medicated. Once I got used to the idea, though, it was okay, especially since I have so many friends on it and we're all cool with talking about it.

The other thing is that it has really, really made a difference for me. It wasn't like one day I woke up and voila, all better, of course, but it's just a general sense I have that okay, I am stressed, but that doesn't mean that my whole world has to destablize, or that I need to be weeping or throwing up (okay, TMI, sorry). I just feel like I can handle the shit that's going to come my way. My friend Susan, when she went on her medication, was really afraid that it was going to change her personality, and I know that's an objection a lot of people have, and honestly, I have not noticed any change in who I am fundamentally, except that I am much more confident.

I feel like I should probably be in a commercial. Lord.

Anyway. I am really impressed with the way you're handling all of this; you are taking it in a very mature and emotionally healthy way (aka, better than I did). I like what you said: "Frankly, I would rather be medicated and alive than not medicated and surviving."

And it's time for bolter to go to bed before this degenerates into serious maudlinity (okay, not a word).

G'night, m'dear.


... FYI, I have officially declared 'maudlinity' to be a word. So you're in the clear. :)



Interestingly, or perhaps not, maudlinism is, in fact, a word. More than you ever wanted to know from the OED:

The state of being maudlin or readily given to tearful displays of sentiment; (also) an instance of this.

1830 S. T. COLERIDGE Marginalia I. 736 It savors too rankly of Moravian Maudlinism. 1837 DICKENS Pickwick Papers xxxvii. 407 Mr. Benjamin Allen had perhaps a greater predisposition to maudlinism than he had ever known before. 1861 Vanity Fair (N.Y.) 4 166/2 Effete Southern maudlinisms. 1974 Times 6 May 6/3 He had drunk himself into maudlinism. 1993 Ukranian Weekly (Nexis) 18 July 11 A striking example of how skillfully Dr. Bohomolets walks the tightrope of sentimentality, without resorting to overt maudlinism.