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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]
Alzheimer's moment

::is briefly distracted by new message. It is not from Sarah telling her when meeting is, but from Susan, who insists that it's very very very very very important that I get this message (as if I would know this before listening to it) and tells me things she's already told me 8 times and that I knew EVEN BEFORE THAT, and insists that I call her when I get this message - presumably so she can give me the message SHE JUST LEFT.) Okay, Susan. Shut up.

Picked up phone to see when meeting was.

Could not for the life of me remember how to dial mailbox.
Tried oncampus extention. Tried four-digit suffix. Tried my voicemailbox number. All very rapidly. ::beepbeepbeepbeWait that's not it [click click] beepbeepbeepbNo that's not it either [click click] beepBUbeepSYbeepSIGNAL Crap [hangs up in aggravation]::

And I still don't know when meeting is!


Current Mood: baffled
Current Music: So fare you well - We're on our way... -- Magic Flute (Mozart)