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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]

The east face of every building, wall, and hill on campus is covered with a sheet of ice.

Many of the campus's buildings are made of this rough-hewn gray stone - I don't know what kind it is, but it's really quite fetching, sparkling under the lights.

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Your comment made me think - I should find my camera and try to take some pictures tonight. (I'm sure it won't melt, it's got to be about 2 degrees outside.)

Sounds beauteous. Glad other people notice these things too.

It was hard to see during the day, but the orange lights turned everything into this weird world of polished-rough-marble and black glass.

And extremely spiky ground. Crunch crunch.

Sounds lovely and sparkly!


It was. And is. And probably will be for a few days... ;)

beauteous and sparkly

Yeah, a freakin' winter wonderland . . .

Sounds great on paper, doesn't it (or HTML, you know what I mean).; But then again, so does communism. Both are easily corrupted, cold and snow giving way to ice and frost. With ice comes a lack of friction, which gives way to thrills and spills. Also, IT'S FREAKING COLD!

Winter in Missouri is like gettin hit with a frozen train, while weasels made of ice gnaw though my undergarments. In a bathtub. Filled with water. Outside.

So, you take those pictures, and you can e-mail them to me sometime over the summer, and I can reminesce about how fun winter was on campus . . .

Did you notice my shirt today? I wore that out of defiance.

-TLS. (since not signing caused chaos in the streets)

Re: my own comment

On the othe hand, it's like having God throw an arm over your shoulder and give you an afectionate noogie at night when one pauses and looks back at the quad and town on the way back from one's rehearsel . . .

-TLS again.

Re: my own comment

::frowns:: I can't find my entry about snow from last year. I found one much like it, but I know there's another one.


Re: beauteous and sparkly

What the *crap* are you talking about?

Also, I can't see the nuke icon when I reply to comments from email.