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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]
An extra Saturday (Sunday cancelled due to weather)

Yuck, what a crap day. Hours of ice followed by a thin layer of snow - bitter, bitter cold. It's not so bad now as it was around lunchtime - the wind's died down, and the clouds are breaking up here and there. But - ew.

It was a good day to sleep in till 11:30, and after lunch it was a good day to hole up in the Con and record for 2.5 hours, which is what I did. I think the tape will be good to go - I need to copy the two real songs onto the tape I recorded my warmups on. But I did pretty good cuts of both of them. My chops were starting to go, hard core, and I knew it wasn't going to get any better, so I just let them rest. Then I printed off a whole bunch of crap - 6 copies of each song for choral arranging, the chapter 18 study guide, a chapter listening form, and a Beethoven listening form.

I'm going to get my outfit together for the rush, go to dinner, fix the tape, take back my books overdue from last semester (oops), do the Beethoven worksheet (maybe), and go do arranging with Megnn.

A crap day, but an unusually productive one.

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Look on the bright side - at least it was productive!

Indeed - I'm quite pleased about that. :) Even if I only do half the stuff I've planned for this evening, I still will sleep well tonight :D

Sleep for you?

Good. Ya might stop treating me like CRAP!!!


Re: Sleep for you?

Well, if you wouldn't have insinuated that I weigh EFFING 320 POUNDS.... I probably wouldn't have slugged you.