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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]

If I post a new entry, will it update my colors? ::crabby::


They kinda hurt -- owie

If you're seeing the red/green/purple/gray travesty - those are the ones I was trying to get rid of. >:P ::smites compy::

New color scheme

I'm seeing your whole sunflowery feel there, but it's a mite bit hard to read the yellow . . .

Re: New color scheme

Yes, yes, I'm getting to it... that's the only prepackaged color scheme the layout has, and I figured it would do to be going on with.

It's very cheery. Cheers! Do professors at your college sign e-mails 'cheers'? 'best'?

Cheers chappies

Not to my knowledge. My theatre prof might sign a personal e-mail to me, "I hope you get hit by a bus" though.

Re: Cheers chappies

You do realise that now we all know who you are even though you've quit signing, right?...

Me? Sign?

I signed?

Holy crap, yeah . . . I used to do one of these.


You? Sneakily quit signing?... ;D

You can't fool me - that's not a nuke symbol!

Nuke symbol

What the fuck is it, then?

Re: Nuke symbol

Um, it looked to me like a T with a dash in front of it.

How about @= for a nuke?

Re: Nuke symbol


We'll see if this works, but I kind of meant the one next to my subject.

Re: Nuke symbol

I'll work you. Into oblivion. Wiseacre.

Actually I had something even more scathingly witty to say, but I seem to have forgotten it. Oops.

Not that I've noticed, though Drs Geist and Yancey both use "Pax".