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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]

Well, that took rather longer than I expected.

However, I am now the proud proprietor of: 3 new skirts (one light blue suede, one black stretchy, one black "double-breasted" or perhaps double hipped - has a row of big buttons down each leg) and one incredibly hot silk shirt.

And, of course, my beautissimous red glasses. :)


Skiiirts! w00t! And I wish to see said glasses =)

Will have to take a picture or scan my face or something... :D

Oh yeah, I guess I could do that, too... ;)

But you'd rather I waited until I also have half-moon spectacles to show you... :D


Do they make you look like Dumbledore? Or Lucy-of-the-Matrix? Did you spend all of your trying-them-on time practicing various super-meaningful looks you can do by looking over the top of them?

I won't be back until the 24th or so anyway, so you've a bit of time to get said spectacles. Our couch is only available for another month after that, though, so I hope you have a meensle bit of free time somewhere in there...

dastardly scheduling ::grump::

Is your couch ever going to be available again after a month from your return? My only free weekend until after Spring Break just got eaten by choir. :/


Emm... yes?

I thought everyone knew someone who said 'beautissimous'. I think I encountered it as a Sonya Okken-ism, if you ever knew her... (she chiefed paint crew for Anything Goes, and possibly also for some other things... dunno, wasn't there)