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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]
Dreams; ridiculous detail included gratis

A few nights ago: Dream 1 - The P_____ was mortally wounded or deathly ill or something. I could run up stairs and concentrate and when things started to turn blue, I could condense into a faery and fly. But I'd just learned I could do it, so I couldn't do it with my duffel bags yet like that showoff teenage guy did. My fingers were covered in red and gold glitter; each finger stood for a different person, and the amount of glitter that stayed on was representative of the person's health - all the glitter stayed on except for my index finger, which was the P____. The P_____ was having a Five Watches service - a kind of last rite where a congregation stays up the night with the impendingly-dead person. I got upstairs and I almost flew but then I ran out of stairs on my way to the sanctuary auditorium thing. The wood that the step-seats were made out of was gold, and the steps were irregular (for different sizes of legs, I guess.) The stage and the walls were mostly bright blue, with accents of gold and light rusty red here and there. There was a big white sheet plastered to the stage right column of the prosceniumish thing and everyone had small versions of it - it had the songs they were singing at the end of the Third Watch. Each watch had its own ritualized sort-of-dance; everyone stayed sitting down, but there were elaborate arm/trunk movements. I got upstairs at the end of third watch (in time for the singing) and I wanted to grab a sheet but I never got round to it - everyone got up and left straightaway. The only people who remained were me and a guy I knew (didn't remember who upon waking) to my right (I was sitting in an aisle) and a girl who I thought (but am not positive) was a friend I knew in RL (and I told mom and sis who but neither of them remember; I only recall that she was somewhat smaller than me and had shoulder-length dark hair) and I said something like "what, intermission?" and she said "yeah, for two months" - I didn't know you could stop in the middle of a service, but I supposed they had done it in case the P____ didn't die after all.

Last night (or the night before?)Dream 2 - there were many geeks. They had a highly illegal setup of 3 computers and a server/internet access line of some kind. In a previous dream (or perhaps my subconscious invented the previous dream on the spot) they had had a sort of geek-rush; we sat around and had beers and Cokes and goofed around on the computers. The computers were in a little brown woodpaneled room whose entry was concealed by woodpaneling in the hall; the room with the server was similarly disguised in the right-hand wall (from the door, and also from the computer I used - my back was to the door) of the room. There was a bathroom fan somewhere in the server room to keep it from overheating; the main danger was that someone would hear it (they explained to me).
I went out for pizza. On my way, there was someone obviously (to me) drunk, driving a pickup truck - they were in my lane (I must have been really crawling along) and then they swerved off the edge of the road towards some guideposty things - didn't hit them, just got 3 tires into the grass. I didn't want to stop so I memorized the license plate number (it wasn't anything terribly noteworthy that I recall; I think it had an 8 in it) and went on along (so did they). When I got to the pizza place, I asked Dad to borrow his cell phone so I could call the police and tell them about the truck; he gave me what-for (I knew he would) for some reason that made some kind of sense in the dream (that is, it was a really stupid and nonsensical reason, but I saw it coming and I understood why) that I have since forgotten. Joy was there; I had pizza and a cold one which turned out to be a small Liquid-Smoke shaped bottle of yellow Sam Adams with a black-and-white label and a small neck on the end opposite the big neck - it was served to me with the lid off the big neck and the open end upside down on the table, which was the customary way of serving bottled beer (in my dream). (Coincidentally, I think some other dream I had recently involved me getting away with having a bottle of Amber Bock because *it* was bright yellow and in a goofy bottle, and everyone knew Amber Bock isn't bright yellow...) I turned the bottle back rightways up because I was a bit alarmed about the possibility of spilling it everywhere. Joy gave me a Look and I knew she was wondering why on earth I had ordered a cold one when I had just come in from seeing some drunken idiot in a pickup truck. I actually hadn't thought of that, so I put the lid on it, quoted Strong Bad ("A one that is not cold is scarcely a one at all") and stuck it in my purse (it fit nicely.) Upon my return to whereeveritwas that had the geek computer room, I snuck in to check my email but didn't turn on the fan because the internet-oppressors were still around (oppressing the internet was not their primary function; in fact, I don't think they were really bad guys at all - but they couldn't know about the room anyway) - and I figured that since it was just me, and I was only going to be on for a bit, it would be okay (the room wouldn't get too hot - and I checked it, it wasn't hot at all). Then I felt unbelievably guilty, because the older geeks took a lot of risks for the younger population - having the room to begin with, bringing us beer, *and* letting us drink it near the computers - and I was being rash about it. My 'pending events' and 'email' icon were the same thing, only 'pending events' was a tiny (maybe 4px. by 6px.) yellow sheet of paper, vertical, and it blinked, and 'email' was horizontal and white (it was a really cool skin - I wish I could remember more of it.) I really liked the geeks a lot, and in the interrim - I was leaving the building in the dream, but I think I was also leaving the dream - I wondered where the crap Theron was and was ready to fuss at him for not being adequately geeky. ;)

Happy New Year to all; I'm going to bed. :D