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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]
some things I actually did

Lunch was good. Some people showed up. We sent a bunch of leftovers home with the lady with 10 kids (not all hers - some I imagine belong to the other 4 adults living in the same house.) That made me happy. Perhaps to give out of poverty is a blessing, but giving out of bounty feels nice too. :) There's the grace-of-food thing again.

Ran around the mall. Bought shirt from CR after much searching and almost giving up on it. $10.85, w00t. And oh so cute. Did an unbelievable amount of puttering trying to find gift for Samantha - she eventually ended up with this really pretty blue bracelet with little sparkly tiles and rhinestones. Completely forgot I bought her hairsticks already, so she gets those too ;) Then zipped to K-Mart (astonishingly empty) and Office Placety-thing (not as empty as KM) and made it home by 5. Had waffles and a dish of spumoni (mm) for dinner, then put on plaid pants and black sweatervest-full-of-holes (I've had and loved that sweater almost as long as Ethan and I have been friends, and it's really quite ratty, I was sad to notice tonight) and went and sang in choir. I'd never seen a service at Grace from that side of the chancel, and it was nice. It's a great room to sing in - and writing about it just now made me remember the conversation Dad had with T. Daniel (who was there for service tonight, though not in a 3-piece suit [insert meaningless and completely innocent (of course) 'drat' here]) way back in May about the synergy of the "pretty good little choir" (which turned out to be the understatement of the year, imo) and the hardwood floors... I never thought about the acoustics as well as the sightlines making it a good place to preach, but I bet that occurred to Dad right away.

What the crap was I talking about? Anyway, I <3 singing - it's always interesting to listen to what happens when I stand near music people and sing my part loudly. They almost invariably break into their own part after a couple of verses. It only takes a spark, I suppose. :) Certainly, the melody is not so fragile that we all need to support it - just like the truth is not that fragile... Part-singing hymns is, I think, an analogy for our spiritual state going beyond even that which was demonstrated by Luther in the Reformation (taking the Bible and the Church and the music from the control of the hierarchy and giving it to the people) - there is a time and a place for everything, there are *some* hard and fast rules (like, you shouldn't try to invent harmony where 'unison' is specified), but for the most part, each can do what they are comfortable with, and it is the collection of the individual parts that make the whole truly beautiful.

I don't think that was what I was trying to talk about, though I'm glad I was here to write it down. Dad said Ray was dead chuffed that Samantha and I sang. Which is charming of him, esp. since I'd never sung the opening bit before, and had only run through the next bit once. :P Anyway, it worked out.

Okay, bednight for me. ::suddenly quite exhausted::

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