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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]

Gacked from angelofthenorth a long time ago - I meant to go find the first 20, but never got to it, and I need to use my draft space for something else.

21. Oblate ellipsoid of leaven bread, cut, in two, along its major plane and filled with delicatessen goods?
Um, a sandwich?

22. Narrow passageway, usually covered, to the back of a terrace of houses?

23. Hairs which stand on end when an animal is frightened or angry or cold?
hackles (sometimes bristles)

24. Bumps on surface of skin which appear around pores when human is frightened or angry or cold?
goosebumps; gooseflesh if I'm feeling archaic

25. Process of infusing water with leaves of tea plant usually in a teapot?
steeping (more often 'making tea')

26. Above process left too long such that an excess of bitter substances, mainly tannins, infuse into the drink, so spoiling it?
Er, perhaps "steeping strong tea" or "steeping tea at Grandma's house" (tea made at Grandma's is usually started, forgotten, and found a few hours later; bits of cream and sugar are added; said tea may be drunk cold or stuck in the microwave, but it is never discarded. I'm sure many of you are absolutely frothing over this... what can I say, we're a bunch of nutty Colonials.)

27. Pot with lid for oven, usually ceramic, for slwoly cooking meat or similar in juices, stock, with vegetables?
casserole dish

28. Can, usually for petrol or water, with handle and screw lid?
gascan or watercan. or oilcan, or...

29. Animal based term of endeerment for people?
um, snuggy-bear?

30. Hearty cooked breakfast involving eggs, bacon, sausages, black pudding etc?
Black pudding?! Hmm, must be British.

31. Beast of burden, smaller than a horse, with long ears?
donkey. or mule, maybe.

32. Place where people take coal out of the ground?
a mine

33. Small, common red and black spotted beetle?
right nuisance (the dorms get full of them)/ladybug

34. That plant that kids throw at each other because it sticks to clothing?
i first thought of 'thistles', but perhaps actually 'burrs' - I hate those things >:/

35. Those little balls of froth on plants in spring, which contain some moth or other's eggs?
egg-sacs, or perhaps (incorrectly) cocoons or webs

36. Girls' lower-half underwear?
underwear, underpants (i hate the word 'panties') or something more descriptive (eg, thong)

37. Boys' lower-half underwear?
underwear, boxers, tighty-whities, jockey shorts

38. The cloth you had when you were little and always slept with, and perhaps sucked your tongue with?
my scratcher (i liked to catch the edges of my fingernails on the satin ribbon around its edge) - though i am not familiar with the phrase 'sucked your tongue with'.

39. Warm knitted top typically made of wool?

40. Baked in an oven, made of flour, butter, an egg, milk:
Um, pastry? If Angel says this is a scone recipe, I will take her word for it.

41. A single thistledown seed flying free.
a fluff

42. Place where you. Er. You know. Use the euphemism:
bathroom, sometimes loo if i am in a good mood, or potty if i'm just being dumb

43. The sometimes grassy area in the middle of the street which separates both sides of the traffic:
the median on big roads (like freeways) - that damn thing that keeps me from turning left on small roads.

44. What do you call the paper stuff you use to wipe your nose with?
usually kleenex; sometimes tissue

45. When you use a machine that has a camera inside to make copies of a piece of paper and print it out, what are you doing?
copying/making copies

46. What do you call a building that has three stories and three apartments in it, one on each floor?
an apartment building. Maybe a townhouse.

47. What do you call the things (paper or plastic!) the grocery store folk put your purchases in so you can carry them home?

48. That big trash receptable you see at construction sights?
sometimes a dumpster... I can't profess to talk about these very often.

49. Those jeans with the bib?

50. That phone you carry with you?
nonexistant (/cellr if you always carry it with you, cordless if you just carry it 'round the house)

51. That hand-held light you keep to scare off the monsters at night?

52. The front and back of your car?
hood and trunk (respectively)

53. The hair that hangs down over your forehead?

54. Another word for "butt" --
hindquarters, heinie, tuchus, bum

55. What are those pencils that have colors instead of graphite ("lead") in them?
colored pencils.