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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]
Completely trivial

Oh, and I found an adorable shirt at Charlotte Russe. It's maroon, has little short of those slit-top sleeves that aren't really sleeves at all, since they're cut at the top and don't stay on your arms. Wide V-neck with lace. Dark red, stretchy. Very long - came down over my hips without tugging at all, and had those little drawstring gather thingies at the sides that I had previously scorned as silly - they actually made my tummy area very cute. Which only goes to show that you shouldn't knock stupid fashions until you try them - they might serve some puropse. Extra bonus: on sale cheap... may go back for it tomorrow or Monday.

Am delighted that a Charlotte Russe has finally opened somewhere closer than Pittsburgh (and that it should be right here in my home mall, no less!...). That store rocks my socks even harder than Lerner. It combines the best qualities of Anthropologie (weird, cool stuff) and H&M (not grossly expensive or outlandish).


Edit (1:06a): And apparently a White House Black Market has opened in Monroeville... ::hops some more::

New userpic! Everyone ooh and aah.


oooooooh aaaaaaah. I did notice, and it is lovely. :)

Are you talking about in St Louis? Gah! I loved Charlotte Russe in Chicago when I went with Laurel. I think we have a White House Black Market here...I think. I wish there was a Forever XXI, GOD I LOVED THAT STORE. *jumps up and down* Laurel and I spent sooooo much money there this summer, lol. And your shirt sounds lovely. :)

:D Thanks.

I live in Springfield (MO) now, but there are some in St. Louis - I think the storefinder said there was a CR in Independence - I know it's kind of a haul from where you live, but it might be worth a shot some afternoon next week when you're bored. ;D

I wish H&M would expand outside of NYC. *sigh*

You and me both. ::pines:: It's about the only thing that makes me want to go back there (well, that and the toasted-almond ice-cream bars); NYC is so big you can't possibly ever do everything, which significantly dampens my desire to try to do anything. :P

Though I think Liberty Island is possibly one of the most romantic places I've ever been, however unlikely.