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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]

The first thing I ever wanted to be was an astronaut.

I just saw someone at Wal-Mart wearing a NASA jumpsuit... I should have stopped and talked to her, but she was talking to the people at the service desk and ... I'm too shy for my own good. I know if I'd wanted to be an astronaut I'd probably have had to start working on it years ago. I know I'm too tall anyway (I think you have to be 5'10" or less.) But it would have been cool to ask questions (even though I realize that the likelihood that said person was an astronaut was v. slim.)
I remember all my picture books about space. I remember how cool the Science Center was, because of all the space stuff they had. I remember even though TNG didn't come out until a bit later, that it was a cool show but I wished it had something to do with *real* astronauts. I remember the morning my parents had to explain to me about the Challenger disaster. I moved on to other things, kind of, but even after that, I was so excited about the field trip to the mock space mission in 7th grade. When I first went to see the Boeing Space Station, I was reduced to tears - what seemed like years and years of waiting for the planetarium to reopen, and I took one look up at that dome and thought it was worth it. The second time I went I was on the elevator with a kid maybe 7 years old who spent the entire ride (albeit a short one) talking about how if you thought astronaut ice cream was gross, you should see the stuff the Russians had to eat, and I remember thinking - that was me once. Astronomy last year - falling asleep during lectures but when we went outside with the telescopes, I could have spent all night taking in the surface of the Moon or the ring nebulae or the Pleaides.

So perhaps I have one farfetched dream that could, were it ever given the chance, contend with my down-to-earth one.

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The Planetarium is pretty awesome. So is going to school in a place where the night sky isn't blocked by pollution.

But there's still time for an astronomy career, m'dear. Unless what you're after is the romance of science--in which case, keep writing about it.

I don't know *what* I'm after. I haven't really got a head for science. Well, except bio for some reason. Tho I understand astronauts aren't usually terribly scientific - Mission Control and other ground jobs require a lot more. (Astronauts pretty much just get chucked up in space and told "Measure this mouse every 4 hours.") I'm not going to drop everything and go to sky school... it's just something I think about sometimes. I have a similar (though somewhat less knowledgeable) fascination with bodies of water.

I did consider joining the Air Force for a while, for some reason. I don't remember when, to what end, or if I had any kind of practical plan to do it.