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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]

Richtext? Is this new?

So I'm home. Went straight to church and got there just as they were cleaning up. Gail and Gail's Son (whose name I don't think I've ever heard) were so kind as to direct me to the plentiful leftovers, and I had the best baked potato and Slab o' Meat that I've tasted for a long time (the menu said 'prime rib', but doesn't rib usually have... well... bones in it?) At any rate, expertly seasoned, exquisitely tender, and served with some wonderfully bitter horseradish sauce. And huge. Daniel the Organist (who, bolter, shall henceforth be referred to as T. D., so as to differentiate from the Beep) found an order of service from sometime probably in the 50's... very high-church. Got to stare at that a while. This also constituted my first actual conversation with Daniel the Organist (...er, perhaps that T. D. thing isn't going to take...). It made me smile. I really would like to get to know him (this said with not any ulterior motives, I *swear*.)


Anyone want to play tactics arena?

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