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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]
coming out of the Musical Loser closet with an 87.5%...

I also think I should get extra points for 19 being one of my favorite songs; for having done a choreographed dance to 42 in 1986 in the carport of one of the girls who lived down the street (I have to give her the props for being clever enough to incorporate the stairs down to the kitchen into the routine); because I did Gym 1 at SME, for having done a synchronized swimming routine (such as it was) to 91; and for having line-danced in elementary school to 101. But this is all because I am a filthy cheat. And admittedly, 10 of these points (which seems an ungodly number to me... I thought everyone knew this song) are from 83.

Oddly, the 87.5% is *not* on a scale of 1-100. Unless all the ones I missed were worth, like, a quarter point.

Gacked from emaline412 from a long time hence. :D

And I just slid on my butt down the steps in front of the Con. >:'[ Stupid ice.

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You really have been perusing the backlogs, ain't ya?

Yeah... ::shrug:: I figure there's not a lot of point bothering you with questions like "why are you a closet Philadelphian?" and asking about everything you've done for the past four years if I can read two and a half of them (or at least a few months' worth.) :)