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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]
And the

Computer randomly rebooted itself (as it is apt to do - I think it's the blasted idiots in Campus Computing) and I seem to have mislaid most of yesterday. Will try to remember very carefully, but I think the t

Oh! I talked about the 2004 show. And about how we played the aquarium or whateveritwas gig, we played Old Man River that Doug arranged for ages ago and it was exquisite. And Old Man River is in the show again, and I wonder if it's the same one, and I would scream myself hoarse if it was. Not, after today, that that would take so terribly long. ;D

Yesterday was great. Today was great. I never imagined I'd have so much fun - not goofy fun, but learning and getting better and being awesome fun - at a 7-hour rehearsal day! Aaahhh. It R00LEd. We mixed sections and I stood between Chaz and Keith and when stupid Paul tried to jump up on the risers wherever the crap he wanted Keith told him to go away. >:D

And then went sledding in innertubes c/o Thera and Anna - went also with Anna and Meg and Kyle and JenC. ::jumps:: OH SO MUCH FUN.

And when the play is over and ministrike is over... we are going Out.

And in the meantime I will wash some clothes so I have something to wear Out.

Current Mood: POWER-W00T.
Current Music: And the glory, the glory of the Lord / shall be revealed...

Hello my darling, I have added you to my friends list.
Hope you don't mind :)
Honestly this has been the shittiest semester of my life. What are you doing with yourself? Where you at?
I'm stuck at KU for another year then I'm off to Philadelphia where my life is.
Let's chat sometime.

'Course I don't mind. ::adds you back::

Sorry about your semester. :/ Am reading through your back-entries atm and can definitely relate to the 'aygh! why does my life suck??!' you seem to have been having lately. :P

What I'm doing with myself: an excellent question. Where I'm at: Central Methodist in Fayette, MO (aka the middle of nowhere, aka HELL.)

Chat: i'm almost always online (alphasqix on AIM.) After Wednesday noon would be excellent, as I'll be running around screaming about my Instrumentation project until then. Though come to mention it, after Wednesday noon I'll be at home and ergo not always online. Hmm. ::ponders::