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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]
Ruthan's Excellent MMEA Adventure

I expect this entry will be expanding for some time while I slowly regain brain function lost to the rigors of MMEA.
The following is what I remember of the weekend right at the moment.

We left at the ugly hour of 7:30 Thursday morning. The hour was made especially ugly by the fact that I needed to get up at 6, but accidentally set my alarm for 6 PM instead of 6 AM. So I had to leave with no mouthpiece, no specific time to meet my mentor (Charlene Toler), and no professors called re my impending absence. ::gets ready to brownnose::

Fortunately most of my tension was forgotten in the face of having to spend 2 hours in a car with Chaz. Lydia, Brandi and I rode in the back together and Danny Pak (bless his soul) drove us all and managed not to give away the fact that we were totally making fun of Chaz the whole way there. :)

Stopped at McDonalds where something happened, but I forgot what. Oh well. Then we went to the house where something else happened, but it was probably not terribly important. THEN we went to the lodge.

Oh my goodness. I just about died. There were twenty million clinics to go to and twenty million groups to hear and twenty million booths of cool stuff downstairs where you could go play pretty instruments and eat yummy free food and watch Blast and be given lanyards and pencils and stickers and posters and....

I went downstairs first but only stayed for a few minutes because I thought I was supposed to meet Ms. Toler at 12:15. I shortly realized that it wasn't 12:15 so I went downstairs until about 12:45 - I saw Mr. Z and got to demonstrate (sort of) the Colts' interesting new marching technique. I went back upstairs again and it shortly became clear that 12:45 was also not the right time, but I did not go back downstairs. I think it was actually 1:45 and I honestly don't know what I did that whole hour. Eventually we met up and I went upstairs to "help" with the presentation. Mel Clayton spoke on "Teaching: Then and Now." I couldn't for the life of me tell you exactly what he said, but it was during that presentation that I decided for certain that I would run for state office - and not just stop there. I will work my way up through the ranks until I am the president of the United States and I can fix all the crap that our educational system is being put through right now. YEAH!!

Oh, immediately prior to said presentation, I met Curtis Tipton, former president of many things and Fat Bastard Ex Officio of chapter 222 (one of many offices that I think he accidentally stumbled into, but you so did not hear me say that.)

So then I schmoozed a while and went to some more concerts. I totally do not remember a darn thing about the rest of the day, except that I was pretty much always looking for Prof. Lindeman, and I saw this guy from Colts Camp who was playing in Truman's percussion ensemble.

That night a whole bunch of alums came to the house. It was darn good times which, between the fun I was having and my inexplicable lack of exhaustion, culminated in me getting only a half hour of sleep in the small hours of the morning before Lydia woke me to go hear Sturgeon. That was fun. Then I tried to walk to Wal-Mart but got picked up on the way by Lydia's people going to lunch at some buffet with the band. Lyd's mom was so kind as to drive me the rest of the way to Wal-Mart and then wait for me so we could go to lunch. Aww :)

So I went home, took a shower, and spent a little while freaking out about getting back in time for the general meeting before I finally did get there and realized that the meeting was at 4:45, not 3:45. So life was good.

I was the only one running for newsletter editor. It was only a very little bit of a letdown after having prepared and reprepared a speech intended for a 2-minute campaign. THe speech I in fact gave went something like this:
"Hi, I'm Ruthan Freese and I had this speech all planned out, telling you about how I'm on a newspaper staff at school so I know what I'm doing, and how I'm determined to get this job done - The reason you haven't gotten newsletters for the past few years is because we've had communications breakdowns and some other things but I'm telling you now, THERE WILL BE FOUR LETTERS THIS YEAR!-" (interrupted by thunderous applause and screaming). "So I was going to tell you all this stuff here, but instead I'm just going to go sit down so we can hurry up and vote and go eat pizza."

The old members said it was the best speech they'd ever heard. I was given the position by acclamation and we merrily went off to the alumni reception, where I ate onion dip and drank tea to my heart's content. Good times. Darn good times.

Mr. (?) Inman started talking to us and made us late for something. I sure don't remember what. Oh, I remember, everyone had left to go get pizza. Sbarro's. Awesome, but friggin expensive (fortunately we weren't paying) and I forgot to put garlic and parsley salt on it. :p I was accoladed equally for my office and for my mad stay-up-all-night skills. X-Men was on. I fell asleep promptly and ended up being one of the first to stomp downstairs at around 1245 or so. But that was okay.

Got up this morning and went as sole CMC rep to jurisdictional meeting. Boring as hell, only barely managed not to fall asleep. Danny, Sab, Lyd, Brandi and I stayed to listen to all-state ensembles - I slept through choir, band ruled, jazz band was the eighth wonder, and then I slept through orchestra (wasn't trying to, i swear... - I should point out that I think that other than all-states, there was only one ensemble all weekend that I didn't doze through, and I only stayed for about 15 minutes of that performance.)

So we piled our dopey selves into Danny's car, stopped off at McDonalds again, and headed home, singing all the way.

It looks really underwhelming on a screen, but, dude.

I love politics. And I love my CMENC people! Offhand, I seriously cannot think of any people I would rather spend the weekend with. Not a weekend like this one, anyway :) :) :)

Current Mood: happyhappy
Current Music: Danny singing "Whenever Wherever" ;)