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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]

It snowed last night. :) My blinds are angled towards the sky, so I just assumed it was a fairly bright cloudy day until I walked through the stairway on my way out of the building and saw a good layer of white had frosted the ground. Fortuitous timing - the groundskeepers just collected all the leaves off the quad yesterday afternoon. :) Outside, pelted with fat heavy flakes. Then during morning classes, it nearly quit snowing altogether and got warm enough that things began to drip off trees. But it feels like it's gotten colder again, and it's snowing in bigger flakes again now, and it looks like it's covering up all the polkadots from the treeplops.. :) :)

Yesterday: All music, all the time! Had a lesson, then sung in Chapel, then lunch; after lunch, worked on Form for a while, then worked on it more during Exec; had conducting, had Form (during which I spent a good 10 minutes cackling silently to myself and Dr. Cody *never turned around*). Listened to my conducting piece (Shaker Variations from Appalachian Spring) in attempt to prepare for conducting. Conducted and rehearsed for band concert Sunday. Songfest. Quick dinner. Jazz Band. And all this musicking all day built up enough momentum for me to sit and finally start on my instrumentation piece - and I worked on it for nearly 2.5 hours without even noticing the time.

Then I went to Wendy's. :)

Good times. Darn good times.

Now I have 20 minutes to myself. Was going to continue on Instrumentation, but won't really be worth the few minutes I'll have by the time I get to the Con and get it all loaded together. Perhaps I will search for my glittens/clean room a little. Absolutely must chuggle down big mug o' Coke so can make hot chocolate to sneak into Music History. :)

Current Mood: contentcontent
Current Music: What Child is This (UMH 219)