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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]

My futon has a peculiar scent. By which I do not mean that it is bad - only that it is unique to my futon. I cannot say definitively whether it smells like the upstairs rooms of our house on 4819 or whether the upstairs rooms acquired its scent fairly quickly, but I do know they smell the same - especially when mixed with some fresh clean cool air of the sort we had today (though it is more usually associated with March, when it's just a bit too chilly to open the windows but you really can't stand to keep them shut any longer.) It is a little woody and a little tart and a lot mystery. It smells like the silly joy of middle school, like the reckless abandon of East and falling asleep watching Roseanne or Golden Girls or MASH and waking up with news in the morning (why isn't college more like that?), like the deeper joy, like love, at West, when the gears spun so quickly, when the harmonies were so brilliant, they screamed with energy.

And today, for the first time I remember since we've moved, it smelled like that. Like a nice kind of loneliness, the missing of something good that I'll get back soon. Muted hope.

Maybe more than anything else, it smells like starting over every morning.

It's a good smell.


:) Nice read for me before going to bed.

:D Glad you liked it.

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

It begged to be shared, and that happens so rarely that I figured I'd better. :) Thanks.

Tea and oranges.

Turn that into a poem, m'dear. It's lovely.

You are right about the way smell evokes memories. When I went home, I was sad to find that my house no longer smelled vaguely of gerbil food. The _absence_ of smell, then.

Re: Orange tea.

It's already a poem. :)

Re: Orange tea.


I read one other such poem once, where the whole thing was just a block of text (no obvious line or verse.) I don't remember who wrote it or what it was called, but it was about this drug lord who had a bag of ears.

I suppose things could be worse... O_o

Orange flavored tea minus dollop of anchovy.

Oh, and I have no earthly idea what went wrong with the HTML formatting on that one. Sorry.