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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]
Etc., part 3.

Okay, so I think I'm going to write about David's visit to distract myself from the fact that it is so cold outside that it makes my eyes water every time I go out there, and also that I have become utterly despondent over the last two hours. I tried to practice until I was exhausted, but I couldn't even focus enough to do that. Arrrg.

David turned up to visit Saturday evening. First I read his play; then we spent an exciting while following Dylan as he drove recklessly and stupidly through Springfield. (Alex was also in the car.) We then went to play pool at a bowling alley.
About this time, I started to freak out. Argh. This was supposed to be Ruthan and David chilling and doing writery things evening, not Ruthan and David and Dylan and Alex in a smoky arcade playing pool.
Then we went "Downtown". ::rofl:: where we were supposed to meet JP and go to some coffeehouse that turned out to be insanely crowded. So we went to Churchill's instead. About this time the evening began to be any fun. In fact, lots of fun. Churchill's is very cool. Plus, they let you use their phone. I drank an amaretto steamed milk the size of a small mixing bowl. It was very, very good. And fun times. We then returned home where David commenced to pretend to read HTF, but didn't actually do so.

Good story, neh? I want some amaretto milk now. ::gets her some - a lame imitation, but an imitation nonetheless::

Well, to brighten your day perhaps just a little...

I shall mail your CD tomorrow.

Also, dude, sign on.

Dude, ya shoulda gone to Hattie's!

It's nifty and nearby (Corinth Square). You're not on AIM and my email isn't working, so I'll put this here and hope you see it. I am one hundred percent positive that you'll be able to appreciate this. This makes me happy, as very few of my friends have been able to so far. (And that's saying something!)

love, Mely >O+

Re: Dude, ya shoulda gone to Hattie's!

Er, we were in Springfield. Hence my ::rofl:: at the concept of "Downtown".

I am, for the record, in a much better mood of late. The gloom has broken! Hoorah.

And for all of yall who are wondering why I'm not on IM lately - it is because I still have not dragged my lazy mass to Radio Shack for an ethernet cord, so I'm on in the Con, but there are usually fun distracting people here and I go party with them instead. I'll get it soon, really! I hope.

Re: Dude, ya shoulda gone to Hattie's!

::dies laughing:: YATTA is EVERYWHERE... you cannot escape... not even in THE CONSERVATORY WHERE DR. DRUMMOND IS CONCIEVABLY LOOKING OVER YOUR SHOULDER ALL THE TIME.... Muwahahaha. ::hop::

::wants to play Super Yatta Bros:: ::NES addict aura:: Mario was wearing his regular overalls, though. Dunno what's up with that.