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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]

Must remember to search lyrics for Nickel Creek song.

Last night: went to Columbia. Did hard-core girly time at mall. Coffee at B&N where Tiffany met Debbie, who I occasionally see walking 'round campus. Think her eldest son thought I was cute, which makes me smile. :) I started writing out my things-to-give Christmas list (inspired by cute items at the mall). Then ran by WalMart, where bought pizza Ritz Bits, a bag of dark chocolate chips, and a handful of cherry-limeade IBC. :) Saw Billy (one of Lindsey's friends from high school that we met at S'n'S... last weekend?) Was astonished I remembered his name. Back to Fayette while I freaked out, because the mist that had been falling since 11 started patching over to sleet before we got to 240, and I had people in the car... if it was just me, I'd have been wallowing in my machismo, but being responsible for other people turned me into Matronly Girl, and I scooted my seat back to counterbalance my lead foot and whiteknuckled all the way home. As it turns out, it never got cold enough last night to freeze, but nevertheless...

Then spent some time on the loveseat, eventually falling asleep under Tiffany's knees with Theron leaning on me. Woke up an hour or so later. "Man, I am really hot. ... AARGH GET ME OFF THIS COUCH NOW NOW NOW I'M GOING TO SUFFOCATE!!!!" Took some deep, cool breaths, tucked Tiffany in, got in my own bed. So now we know: first time I'm in bed with a guy and he thinks "let's cuddle with Lucy 'cos she's so cute when she's asleep", Lucy will wake up screaming and clawing in short order.

I don't remember whether I ever posted about my fantastical trip to GSL the other weekend. If not, let me just say: I <3 the Metrolink for being amazing and for looking much older than its 10 years, for taking me through happy places like U City and Forest Park and downtown. And I <3 St. Louis and Columbia and Kansas City. Heck, I love the whole I-70 corridor. :) ::happy heart::

I'm going to Pittsburgh over Christmas break! ::leaps:: This is so incredibly exciting. :) :) :)

Less exciting: have to make up my mind soon about next summer. :/
That is an ugly decision that I still don't feel prepared to make. ::sigh:: Keep me in your thoughts, please.
Reasons I want to go: it's my age out year, I can never do it again, what if I actually do like it?, i'll never stop kicking myself later (...unless I do something better), what if this is the year?, what if something amazing happens?, it gets me off my butt all summer and makes me move, I'll miss the good times.
Reasons not to: I hated it, I can't count the number of times 'morally bankrupt' popped into my head last summer, I was miserable a lot of the time, I could be doing better things, the good times were few and far between.

I haven't changed any of my syllabuses for over a month. :/ Hmm. Perhaps I ought to get to that. And the room cleaning for the Mom coming tomorrow, and the poster-putting-up that I borrowed the ladder for ages and ages ago. *Oy*.

Current Music: Just remember that when you were asleep, I got a little bit closer to you.