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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]

Firsts meme - gacked from cynthia_black, edited for boring/interesting content, and

The New Meme of Firsts

Baby Stuff
First word: "Go". (Second word: "Place!", meaning 'other than the next room over').
First memory: I think it was the day I quit nursing. One side of my proto-sinuses was not functioning, so when I had to lay on the other side to nurse I couldn't breathe, and Mom told me I couldn't nurse on that side any more because she was sore, and I was crabby and refused to nurse any more. :p
However, I do distinctly remember being absolutely desparate to get outside ("go place umbaghel" = I don't care if it's raining, take the umbrella) which I think predates the prior.
First steps: were taken on a coffee table, but I don't know when.
First solid food: Probably French fries. That's what mom gave Samantha.
First book parents read to you: possibly Goodnight, Moon (certainly the most-often read)
First book read: I read some poetry from Silverstein (don't know which book) when one of the college girls babysitting me was trying to demonstrate that I could. I'm sure I read all the words correctly, but I don't think I understood any of them.

Travel & Residence
First house: I still don't have a house. I think the first actual house I lived in was a duplex on Elm Street in St. Charles.
First overnight stay away from parents: Grandma and Grandpa's. I was tiny then. I slept in the spare room (that used to be my dad's and uncle's) and we went to church in the morning, and then we had bologna and cheese sandwiches - ketchup on the bologna side, mayo on the cheese side. At least, that's what I ate.
First time living away from parents: college, except for miniscule test-run at Joy's house (which wasn't really away from parents - just from *my* parents)
First apartment or house after parents: yet to be determined. :p
First visit to another country: Canada... I was... maybe 10.
First visit to another time zone: we went to Pittsburgh (CST to EST) a few weeks after I was born, 'cos Mom is nuts.
First time crossing an ocean: Er, flew over the ocean a bit when we had to circle to go into Washington DC. Otherwise, still haven't.
First time crossing the equator: TBA.

First crush: Preschool: TJ. We went on the seesaw together, so we were going to get married.
First REAL crush: what the crap's a 'real' crush?
First time asking someone out: asked Matt to formal last year.
First date: Went to dinner with the Beep, if you can call that a date. Ugh.
First steady boy/girlfriend: Ummmm.
That said, I am now cutting the rest of this section.

First computer: Apple Macintosh; a 512k RAM "FatMac". 20 meg HD, and it was cool 'cos you didn't have to type to make it do things. Oh yeah.
First computer game played: Probably Rogue. If anyone knows where I can get an ancient copy of Rogue...
First programming language learned: qbasic - taught myself in SEEK, 'cos it was the cool thing to do.
First time on Internet: sometime during middle school.
First screen name: sqix. Well, my first email account was g2redcow at juno dot com. Does not, imo, count as a screenname 'cos it didn't translate to chatrooms or AIM or anything.
First netfriend: I think that would have to be Jon. I had people I talked to sometimes before that, but Jon's the only one I *still* talk to (almost 4 years later) and have actually met in person (once).

First taste of alcohol: Had sips of wine occasionally as a small child.
First full alcoholic drink: The first one I remember was finishing Mark's Jack after lollipop sorting, but I know that wasn't the first. Hmm.
First time drunk: formal.
First night you don't remember (due to drunkenness): ditto.
First time gambling: Each of my family put a dollar on a horse at Glen's Derby Day party. Once I actually won :) - I got $7 (instead of $6) because there wasn't any change and I was the only one around paying attention at the time. :D

First story written: I didn't personally put pen to paper, but Mom wrote down a story about a snuggly scraggly and some candy balloons (?) from when I was maybe 3 or 4. I found it packing recently (recently = within the last, oh, 10 years.)
First novel-length story: none finished; first one started was probably the Wings/Masquerade/The Damn Story/Snow/How to Fly/etc.incarnations mess. One of these days, I might finish Snow. Of the lot of them, it seems the most feasible. And the most interesting.
First play acted in: Other than various Christmas pageants, was narrator for some takeoff of The 3 Little Pigs meet Cinderella in 7th grade drama club.
First musical instrument learned: If you buy the 'voice is an instrument' thing: have been in choirs since I was tiny. Otherwise: started teaching myself piano when I was 8 or so, followed by real lessons not long later.
First song/instrumental written: Wrote something called Water Glide sometime while we were living on Briarcliff (somewhere between 6-11).
First poem written: No idea, honestly. It was probably for class.
First piece of artwork: Visual-wise? Likely involved fingerpaint. First (only?) thing I did that I was really proud of, tho, was my quasi-Oriental oil pastel/watercolor wash square. This also discounts that admirable tree we built (and indeed everything else we did) for Puppet Show. Samantha's really the artist.

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