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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]
"My heart shall abide here"

Urgh. What a stupid time to be trying to figure out my schedule. And yet, so I have done. Continuing on in blazing ignorance of any gen eds the nefarious Dean might decide I need to take after all (having reneged on my AP credit), I am taking 9 hours of Religion and 8 hours of music (none of which are choir. Thank heavens. I continue to refuse to take choir for credit or money. Well, perhaps I would do it for money if it was offered. But it wasn't. And that's fine by me.) Tuesdays and Thursdays booked solid again - will have to take my lesson at 9:30, then chapel or recital at 10, Xtian Thought/Reformation 11-12:15, lunch highly overrated, Philosophy of Religion 1-2:15, Archeology 2:25-3:40. Band 4. Jazz band 6:30...meeting... I suppose I could take jazz band for credit. Woah. Music: Choral arranging MW at 9 and then nothing (maybe a piano lesson) till Music History at 1. Stoked to NOT HAVE CLASS TILL 1:00 ON FRIDAYS. It's high time the scheduling gods smiled upon me.

So now to take a shower and grab a brief nap before class. Woohoo! I would like to quote Tiffany: "For the insomniac, a whole week is just like one long day." Or something to that effect. I love college. And falling asleep in Xtian Thought. :P

Note to self: scan in Ein' feiste burgs tomorrow during lunch.

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Every time I get my schedule figured out, they drop one of the classes I want to take and then I have to scramble and reshuffle for somethign else that will fulfill that requirement

That, my friend, is No Good.

They can't scramble 'round the schedule any more because registration began today. But they were doing so as late as Monday. Augh. ::shakes fist::

Also, of course it took them like half an hour to register me. Not because I had any schedule conflicts or hadn't taken the prerequisites (like just about everyone else in the damn office) or even because I tried to take a class that was already full. For no reason at all. The upshot of this was that I got 20 minutes out of music history, and I took the opportunity to eat some yoghurt (aka lunch). :)