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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]
For the sake of one child, I would have founded the Academy. --St. Philipine

Uh, where'd it go?... Lochjournal = weirdo.

I'm all in floods: Pictures from Country Fair 2003. Sr. Caire! Sr. Cotto!... The stairs behind the people in the top picture on the left were where I went to dismissal in 2nd class. Oddly enough, I *don't* remember them being a lot bigger than they look like they are there.

And looking through the teachers... Mrs. Brakensiek (2nd); Mrs. Glenn (3d - she was the one who told me to sit down.) All my 4th grade teachers are gone... Mrs. Woebling for homeroom, and Mrs. Witten, the coolest social studies teacher ever; Mrs. Allen is teaching 5th now (but we all thought she was ancient 11 years ago. She also had a glass eye, which was a subject of much distraction.) Mrs. Boteler from 5th grade. Sr. Busch and Sr. Munch from 6th. And the many people who made me smile (or cower) along the way: Mrs. Hopper and Mrs. Purtell (ah, assembly...). Mrs. Delicath, Mme. Gaylor, Mrs. McCuddy (that woman is *amazing*. Silver Tea. Oy.) Mrs. Monahan. Mrs. Risch. Coach John! MISS GRASS! (I saw Miss Grass two years ago when Liz and I went to lunch at Frontenac.) Sr. Marheineke, who I only vaguely remember as an unbelievably sweet lady (she was in charge of the lower class library when lower class was 1-3.) Sr. Thro in the bookstore. Mrs. Dowd seems to have retired. :( And nurses Mrs. Cassalone and Mrs. Richter and Mrs. D____?. They were all cool. It looks like almost all the same lunch ladies and housekeeping staff. One maintenance guy I don't remember. Mr. Messner used to jump rope with us during recess. :)

I wonder if they'd hire me. I could move back to St. Charles....

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