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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]
bed, schmed

I was going to start keeping a journal elsewhere of things I can't put down here. What I really think that for various reasons I don't want others to know. Or things that they probably wouldn't want to know (eg... when I go underwear shopping and feel compelled to write about it.) Most of my emotion. (This journal is bordering on completely stoic - for me, anyway.)
Then I realized that most of the things I would write in said elsewhere journal would be things that *I* didn't want to be reminded of and therefore should not write down. I suppose I could keep one for the singular purpose of noting my lingerie excursions, but...

I have discovered that I am much happier to be at school when I am in fact at school. The whole time I was at home I thought I was delighted to be there. Then I got here, saw Carla and Lyds and Silla (we went to A&W today and officially took over as the two loud obnoxious band freaks) and was all "School! YES!!!!'

I feel rather like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders.

A&W is absolutely the poo.

I think that if I can't enjoy myself here, it's because I'm dead set on being miserable. There are a very few things at which I cannot help but have fun - school is obviously not one of them, but all last semester when I was busy being unhappy, I think it was because I was busy wishing I was somewhere else instead of dwelling on why I'm glad to be *here*. All these months when I've been wishing I was back at West, I was forgetting the fact that I absolutely hated it *there* until I went 'home' to East for a few days.



mija72013 writes about undieshopping whenever there's a Vickie's Secret sale.

Re: Undies!

Funny you should mention it - didn't you write about trying stuff on at VS once?... ;)

Congratulations - you replied to my post before I could even see it on *my* computer.