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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]

There I was in WalMart, trying to look at the pretty sparkly nail polish, using my appropriate bend-at-the-knees-not-at-the-waist form, when what should happen but my knee should suddenly go BLAM as if I had smacked it onto something rather solid. Not fun. Repeat performance in the undies department, only with excruciating pain this time. Knee utterly useless - can't support weight bent, can't support weight straight. Thought the darn thing was getting better. Groar.

I <3 fall break.

Concert was good, if I did not yet mention this.

Now back to pretending I care that this room is a Pit of Despair (ie, clean the bathroom a little, put sheets on the bed so as not to sleep on bare mattress.)

I will now resume trying to remember the things I forgot to post.

Current Music: I'll be coming home next year // annoying John Mayer

Buy a comfy sleeping bag. Put on top of mattress. Sleep on top of comfy sleeping bag with blankets and comforter over top. Flip sleeping bag in wash. Replace. Repeat. I've done this since February because my mattress was kind of funky after the ice storm and I couldn't wash sheets for a while due to no electricity. I never stopped, though, because my nylon/satin cover plushy sleeping bag is more comfortable than any mattress pad. :D

Ah yes, the old indoor-camping trick. I have done this many times, mostly at motels.

Unfortunately I am sans sleeping bag at the moment. The mattress in question *is* a dorm mattress and might ordinarily merit such treatment, but I think it was new either last year or the one before, and I know everyone who's slept on it since then.

Hope the knee gets better soon!

Thanks. Stupid drum corps. ::shakes fist in a not-very-angry way:: It does seem less stiff this morning, which is happy news. :)