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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]

Okay, one more, and then I swear I'll either edit or shut up. (I just tried to edit together some previous posts, but none of them *go* together... :p).

Got up this AM, discovered that the reason mum's phone call didn't wake me up this AM was because the ringer was off :P, went to brunchamajig at the bakery. Had a chocolate croissant - which ordinarily I object to in principle, but I got one anyway and the chocolate was semisweet (not milk) and it was very very good. Mmm.

::is suddenly compelled to make cookies but fortunately hasn't got anything to make them in, so is saved for the time being::

Game was okay. Pregame went really well - if there were mishaps I've already forgotten them :P - and SSB sounded REALLY good! :) Tho I am reluctant to do so, I have to give all mad props to Harry for reminding me to wait for the announcement to start. 8-o Brad said halftime looked a mess but sounded good - a few people (who wouldn't necessarily know what they were talking about) said it looked good. I couldn't see either way. :p Monday will tell, I guess. And even with silly inductiony things going on, we still got done with a bit more than 6 minutes remaining in the half. Lost game 24-7 (er... I think). Mizzou won in OT tho. I don't really care, but rah them anyway.

I think Beth's watching Chicago in the lobby.

Er, nothing (at all) happened rest of the day. Ate dinner w/ Brad & Megnn. Pegged Todd right on the nose with a napkin, that was fun :D AND - there was a bit more orange sherbet and GOOD vanilla in the ice-cream freezer, so I got to make myself a creamsicle-in-a-cup. ::beams::

I'm going to bed, like, now. ::snore::

Current Mood: goodIt's been a good day.
Current Music: Chicago?