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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]

Good things just get that much better in good company. Spent 3.5 hours at rehearsal/dinner just now... and it was awesome. I am still sad that Chris had to leave, but I <3 my cast nevertheless.

Choir rooled this morning - so many people showed up to support, too - it was likewise awesome. :) :) Thera, Jennifer, Sarah, Meg and Kyle, Dr. Hamel & kids, Ted Spayde, Will, Todd, Megnn (of new CUTE! hair) and Brad, and no doubt some I couldn't see (the centerpiece of the choir loft was kinda in the way.) Everyone (I am told) was happily astonished. :D :D

On a somewhat depressing sidenote: Tara B.'s father apparently keeled over on Friday, and Will's grandmother died too. So pray for them all.

I get to go talk to freshmen in a few weeks. V. exciting. Last year I didn't know what to tell them - I was going to tell them lots of 'fact' stuff, like a bit about the Greeks and where good places to go eat can be found - but then I realized they could figure all that stuff out for themselves. But this year I know what to tell them.

Look around this room. There are people in this room who you will never see again after this semester. They'll leave the degree program, they'll leave the Con, they'll leave the school, the state. Treasure this time - before you're divided by alliances to Greeks or friendships or other obligations. Cherish this moment; you'll move on to other things, and those are good too, in their place, but you can never get this back. And sometime, one of those ones that left will come back, and you'll welcome them and hug them and be glad they're back, because they shared this time with you - these 8:00 mornings, these stupid classes, this adjustment. They shared in your struggles; they stood by you. And through the months ahead, those of you that stick together here will build from that. That ground will carry you through divisions of space and people. You - with the people in this class and in this building - you'll sing together and play together; you'll see each other at 8:30 Sunday morning or 11:45 on a freezing Saturday. You'll laugh and cry and live and pray together; you'll sit together at church. You'll be together at your best, when you've just done the concert of your life, and at those moments when you can't really believe that things will ever get better. You'll take care of each other when you're drunk and when you're sick; you'll lend books and share rides. You'll pledge together; you'll collaborate on projects. You'll encourage each other. You'll help someone who can't imagine help, and you will sometime be helped too. You'll sink or swim together; you'll love them or you'll learn to love them - but it doesn't matter even if you don't, because even the people you can't stand will be there with you, and you'll help them not because you want to, but because through the months, you've come to owe it to each other. And when you leave, be it for Christmas, for summer - or forever - you'll feel something missing. And at first you won't know what it is, but in time, you'll figure it out. There is something great here that is unique in all the world, but it's not the school, not the faculty or staff, not the classes or curriculum - it's the bond you share with the person sitting next to you.

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