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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]

Friday of the soul; I'm done. Seven and a quarter glorious pages. The only paper I've allnighted that I've ever also been really proud of.

I am tired, I am hungry... I am triumphant. It's like - I've finally found IT. The IT about which I have no reservations saying... yes, this is IT. This is worth sacrifice. This is worth *anything*. I don't even have to think... well, I could be really good at this, but it'll take so much time and work... the decision has made itself for me. I love to give the time and work. For this.

Hello, great big divine affirmation of direction in life. THANK YOU, GOD!! :)

Current Mood: victorious
Current Music: In the wilderness build me a nest -- Mendelssohn

Hey, dude, rock on. Congrats on finishing your paper, and finding such joy in it.

Thanks, homes.

::bounces about in a very lopsided way::

Dude... so totally forgot I changed my LJ language to Gaelic. Thought my compy had completely misfired. :p

Got said paper back today - got an A-, despite having no pictures, as well as a mention in class for having exceptionally well-documented work. W00t.

Whoa, you got that back fast, slick.

::lol:: Gaelic???

::shrug:: I guess so. The class isn't all that big (eight, I think) and I think I turned in the longest paper of the lot (I didn't hear of any longer.)

Yeah. Why not? ::shrug::

And, as I totally failed to say, congrats on the A-.

::rofl:: Thanks.