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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]


Slept OH so much last night.

Just now bought some $140 of posters and art prints. ::thwap self::

Want to go to KC to eat the food of much badness. Oh, what to do. Melissa is in town and Tiffany's birthday is tomorrow. Kerfuffle.

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Hey, if you have Things Keeping You There, then stick to 'em. You can always come visit Some Other Time =)

::nefariously plots and schemes to do just that::

Something did turn up to do yesterday. Not, of course, that I am exactly clear on what it was. Perhaps should start journal entry and see if it comes back to me...

The kid is not my son

What on earth did you buy for $140? Not that I don't appreciate high quality posters.

Killing time. Yet, you are not online. MONKEY.

Whose is he, then?

I got a LOT of posters. I got Have A Day and its cohort Have A Night, a takeoff of the Van Gogh cafe with lots of happy animals sitting at tables, a big one with a purple chrysanthemum that says "Grace: Laugh Often and Much", one that is a picture of a sign that says "Play Free Golf while having your suit pressed" below which are standing a bunch of guys with golf clubs in ties, shirts, and boxers, a reproduction of Wassily Kandisky's "Blue", and a couple of other ones I don't remember offhand (haven't put them all up yet.)

As prints go, I got a lion in a jungle and a hippo in a river by the same person who did the Van Gogh cafe, a square green cat with a purple ball, a closeup of the inside of a rose, Munch's Scream (appropriate for every college student, I thought), a Kandisky Yellow/Red/Blue, two (accidentally) of the original Van Gogh cafe (one was given to Milner), Hopper's 'Nighthawks', two random b&w's of French people and one of the Ile St-Michel (...I think...), one of the Breakfast Club, two by Hokusai - one of people running across a bridge in the rain and another one I don't remember (but it was pretty), Escher's "Three Worlds", Matisse's "Goldfish", and a Dali of some butterflies.

Also, the two guys working were cute and British, and the fellow doing the checking-out asked if I had a driving license (as I was writing a check) and later told me "Cheers". ;D

Captain Jean-Luc Picard's.

Well, hot damn, dude. I'm impressed with your poster-buying. Also! I have a big poster of Hopper's Nighthawks too. I used to have Van Gogh's Cafe, but I can't find it. I also have some modern art consisting of straight lines. And I put up the pictures from my Salvador Dali calendar. And I'm waiting on my giant Aimee Mann poster. And I put up a ton of photographs--I STILL have no photos of you, slice, so I have only cute pictures of Ellen and I, and a few from an ill-fated cookie-making expedition first year. I have not yet found a place for my picture of Carl Sagan, but Patrick Stewart got a place of honor under Dorothy Parker and Aimee Mann right next to my desk. One of the Rachels said to me the other day, "I'm surprised you haven't gotten into Star Trek." And I about wet myself laughing.

--began LotR last night.

... __________?

I saw many Picasso prints which I already have, c/o last year's calendar.

It boggles the mind that I have to replace calendars at such an odd time (ie, January.) I really think they should run August-July. Then, when I got back from tour, they would all be on sale really cheap - and I wouldn't even know about all the cute ones I missed.

I could send you a picture of me in a toga and wings (you can't really see the wings) doing a cartwheel on the Quad at night...

Re: ... __________?

Oooooo, please do. P.O. Box 1658 | Gambier, OH 43022.

And I bought the Van Gogh blue room for some reason, and one of some kids in a classroom looking weird/staring at a clock, and Raphael's School of Athens. Also, one I mentioned earlier was Ile st-Louis, not st-Michel, and it was a poster, not a print. But that was all the posters, and that is all the prints.