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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]
My day (a retrospective)

I just printed off my study guides for music history. I was totally dreading that class and I still know it'll be an insane amount of work and I know I'm the biggest dweeb ever, but - I am so psyched to go read my two chapters in just a minute. Am thinking in future of bribing self with ReMix at meeting if I have my weekly work done in time. Hmm. Was going to take the book back to the Con to read and wait to see if guys were singing, but you know what? I DON'T WANT TO. So nyeah.

Meeting okay. Many things that made me say 'merf?!' but hopefully these will be ironed out.... :p Also learned some things that made some other things make a lot more sense. Rather depressing things though. Sigh.

Jazz band auds: If you could cross me and the other guy who tried out (Mike?) you would have an excellent jazz musician... him providing the 'jazz' (he's an awesome player) and me providing the 'musician' (from what I could tell, he can't sightread and doesn't know a thing about theory.) I felt kind of bad for him, actually... :p I should have been more helpful, but then I already felt like I was being too helpful for an audition (which is supposed to measure one's skills when not being helped, I think.) I didn't even want to stay for the aud, 'cos he sounded awesome when he was just jamming and I was sure I'd make an ass of myself, but Anna told me I had to give Ruess the choice and I'm glad I did (I guess, tho it would be really awesome to have Tuesdays and Thursdays free again). Frf. We'll see - I might get free nights after all, and then I can at least say I tried. And I'll know it's not my fault if the band is stuck with Mike the way they've been stuck with me for the past 2 years. ;) In a small sidebar, James (guy who sometimes says 'hi' to me in the lobby) came and tried out on trumpet - and since only 4 people (the seniors and Topher) showed up, Ruess took him. W00T! Tho I will say I had some reservations at first I am glad I told him about auditions. :D

Marched in band... after getting DRENCHED, that is. Wheehee.

After Ruess pissed me off (see below) he did tell me in Conducting that I had picked a good march *and* that I had done okay with my band - I just need fewer euphs and half as many saxes. :p He liked where I put the baris (behind the tenors, between the euphs and toobas). I don't know why that's particularly likeable (where else would you put them?) but hey - o-kay.

This morning... OH! so grumpy. Left lesson at 10 till 10 on Cody's clock - got to convocation just seconds before the processional started - and I *ran*! This would have been fine, but I DIDN'T HAVE A ****ING CHAIR! How can 28 people NOT NOTICE THAT THERE IS A CHAIR MISSING?! ::irate:: I sat on the pew and held Will's music up and cried the whole ceremony (which was mercifully short.) And *then* Ruess decided that since we got done so early we would have instrumentation after all. And then he changed his mind (after I'd run across campus 3 times trying to put stuff up and get my books.) RRROOAAARRGH. But mad props to Dr. P. for his remarkably concise convocation address. :)

The good bits of all this news are: I'm happier now (I dare even say I'm over it.) Also, Daniel Hilty called (had the honor of being the first person to successfully leave me a voicemail message!) and asked if I was okay because I seemed upset earlier! I didn't even get the message till after jazz band, but it made me smile a lot. :) :)

Off to read and listen. And perhaps have a bit of ice cream. And SLEEP.

::makes like a bivalve and clams up::

Current Mood: relievedrelieved
Current Music: Who's Crying Now -- Journey

d00d, am driving into KC in just a few hours for 3:00 dentist appointment. Am staying till Saturday for craft shopping, Ben-seeing and 2:30 eye doctor appointment, but was thinking about heading back to Lawrence Sat. evening for Slasher Movie Night hosted by Melanie maeve419 and Nick darkyak and/or Anime Night at Pearson Hall with hot schol-hall boys. This, however, could change if the loud music is also good music. Who's playing SpiritFest? Gimme call at 913.381.5630 (houuuse) or 913.709.1935 (cellll) and let me know!


Everything I find online indicates that SF was spontaneously moved to the 4th of July this year and there is in fact nothing going on this weekend at all.


Wanna come in anyway? I tempt thee with promises of Winstead's, Osco and many kinds of movies and other activities in Lawrence...