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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]

So it's a bit confusing - whenever I think 'verification' I think 'go to the Eyrie' - but there is no more Eyrie.

No Eyrie, no Burres or Lindeman or Kelly; a thousand little things have changed - but it still feels so much like here. There's a sense of permanance; a sense that it doesn't really matter what happens - thousands of people have been here before, have seen more massive changes in greater numbers - and something's always been figured out, things have always turned out all right in the end. The school still goes on.

It's a nice feeling, and I'm glad I could notice it. It helps me understand how people can come back for their 60th class reunion - why they'd want to.

I slept till 11:30, had an omelette, and sightread a few hymns in the Con this morning (mostly just because I felt like it!) I reread 122 and 534 - they didn't suck, which was encouraging - and then went to visit a few more. I really enjoyed wrangling through 400; it might be worth a bit more work.

I did not end up going to bed in a timely fashion last night - I instead spent nearly an hour trying to figure out how to fit my springs in the closet and eventually concluded that I would have to take down the clothes rod to make it work. I called it quits there for the night but fully intended to locate a screwdriver first thing in the morning, but I seem to have woken up with a grain more sense and think I will just put the damn things behind my bed.

Other things to do today: laundry, find batteries, visit BAKERY. Woohoo! :D

Current Mood: awakeawake