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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]

Aforementioned Warren volunteered to be both my bitch *and* my stalker during the same 4 1/2 minute break in the choir block this morning. To which I replied "Aren't you a music major? You're going to be really busy." Which does sort of leave the door open...

Our choir music was mostly arranged by Doc and it rooooles all. YEEEAHH.

I am (almost) completely caught up on Fellowship stuff. YEEEAAHHH. Good way to start the year - esp. now that I know that I won't be disemboweled if I don't get something done ASAP. But I better anyway... Lindeman going on sabbatical has really wrenched stuff up. Prof's got *all* the private voice students (I think there are 22); Ruess has to do recruiting by himself (during his tenure year no less); Doc and Drummond are divvying up his classes. Doc is really getting a kick out of this choir thing though - he stopped by while I was putting together the ex-Red (now Blue) Brain. Rev. Jones (Prof's husband) was so kind as to mention that I had said I really liked the music - Doc questioned my taste, but he was smiling.

So I am sitting here in my personal Stank Bubble, as I sat down in the hope that if I *didn't* take a shower before I got online it would encourage me to get off the compy and go take a shower sooner. This hasn't worked yet, but I still have hope that it may.

::deletes 60 names from her buddylist, of which about 5 were disused and 55 belonged to people she doesn't even remember::

Aaah. That's better.