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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]

The ceilings in my room are so high I can STAND UP on my loft. It's quite cool. Not so cool: being able to see the extremely thick layer of fuzz accumulated on the heating pipes immediately above my bed...

Warren the tuba is cool. Yay. As is David the trombone player, despite what they said at the tracks. Matt the trumpet, however, seriously concerns me. Hello, Carla-like social skills...

And, in the spirit of ending paragraphs with ellipses... ;D

Con picnic tonight - mmmmmmmm. The boys sang and so did we and a few of them told a few of us we sounded good! WOOHOO. Go us. :)

Doc has drafted me into his choir. Everything is going according to my nefarious plan*! MUWAHAHAHA.

I am now going to ponder eating some Grape-Nuts, scrub my teeth, and go to sleep.


*my nefarious plan: avoid choir until after auditions, befriend freshmen, sing cool music ('cos dude... it's Doc.)

Current Mood: meh. mrrf.
Current Music: The Gift of Love - UMH 407 (or thereabouts)

The tuba is named Warren? o_O

::rofl:: The guy who plays the tuba is named Warren.



Okay, not going to make any jokes with sexual innuendos. Nope, not gonna do it.

::arches eyebrow::

Told you that you wouldn't understand. It just makes sense in my head and it would be too embarrassing to say.

Anything that includes a tuba is inherently a sexual innuendo.

And that, my friend, is very true.

...As I learned this summer. (All props to the Colts 2003 contra line. Living the stereotype, baby.)