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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]

I just spent $73.29 at WM, which does not seem to have included my 409, but I cannot TELL because I have no receipt.

I thought I was going to come back, scrub out my fridge real quick, put in milk and butter. But I arrived to find no 409 in any of my bags. Grrmp.

Instead I put on my fitted sheet ($2.88 or some such. w00t. yellow fitted sheet + white bg star & moon flat & pillowcase + dk blue star & moon comforter = PRETTY BED ooOOooOOoo) and came here to futz around a bit and try to find the receipt (that isn't there. maybe it's in a bag though; that just occurred to me.) I bought squashed marbles and a bag of paper to decorate my wastebasket with - which only overlooks one small fact: I don't have a wastebasket.

We did basics and early pregame and a lot lot lot of music today. Flag tune is going to be FIREBIRD (a completely crap arrangement) but I get to conduct it, and that is exciting. I also get to conduct the out of time at the chorale during 1812. Yeeehah.

Then I ate dinner and felt like ass (bad headache, and then my tummy hurt too) but went to WM anyway - with Lydia - and we managed to spend nearly 4 hours and some $135 (collectively) there. Go us.

I'm getting my headache back and I think it's cos I'm tired (or maybe 'cos I'm dehydrated X-p). No band till late tomorrow morning though, w00t. But I must now go to the Con to consult the schedule and see when exactly it is in the morning. And then I may diddle round on the piano a while. We shall see.

Current Mood: sleepysleepy
Current Music: Christ the Same (from Baccalaureate last spring)