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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]

You know, my check-the-email-accounts routine flies by alarmingly quickly when NOBODY WRITES....


I am really not in a gripy mood today - just making the observation.

Am all silly in the girly way, though for me 'silly in the girly way' means 'fired up to get a lot of things done and Accomplish Stuff'.

First Sunday at Grace today. ::loffs Grace:: Man, those people sing a lot! ::leaps around:: It ROOOOOLLLEEES! It's been forever since I've been so comfortable in a church. Maybe even since we left St. Charles. 8-o And it was only the third time I'd even been in the building! Meep. There are PEOPLE MY AGE THERE! ::faint:: UN-believable.

And WORD to Dad for a good sermon (Mt. 25:31-46 - Six Ways to Know Jesus Better). Yeah, Dad! Yeah! Get it. W00T!

...So now off to eat mushrooms and onions, and accomplish things.

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where is grace? where's your dad preaching now? still in springfield????


Still in Springfield.

Unfortunately I am still Springfield-illiterate and I don't know exactly where it is. :p I think it's south of campus. I know it's south of Central HS (where Samantha's going to school! whee.) If you're at the high school and you drive south on the road on the west side of the school (i *think* it's jefferson - it's one-way there) you'll go right past it - it's about a mile down.

So that's where it is... kinda. :p

I'm not going to be back for a while tho (you know... that stupid football game thing. sigh.)

oh, well it will be a far and few between sunday that i am actually home....because i'll be in jeff city most saturdays working for my dad and seeing the boyfriend..ya know..gotta keep 'em happy

Er ::confused::

Are you referring to Spfld. as home then? ::scratches head::

i've been here for a year straight...so yes, i am

Good readon, then ;D

*writes writes writes*

Am spending the afternoon doing correspondence course assignments on The Education of Henry Adams which is actually a somewhat interesting read, but it's hardly how I wished to spend my beautiful summer afternoon, and the essay questions are inane.

I think I need to find a new church.

::relates generally about inane essay questions::

You should come to my house. Then Mom could drive us to church 'cos I can't get there from here. :p Great times would be had by all.

And we could eat lots of brisket! ;D

::huggles:: We need to start a spamfest on one of our journals again.

NO JOKE! I'm game. ::looks around sharply for spammable topics::

What do you think about this?

I think it would be slightly less disturbing if: (a) the eyes had pupils (b) the face did not have scary teeth (c) the face did not go through a Distinctly Satanic phase between 'meh' and 'ROFL'.

Excellent topic, btw.

It reminds me vaguely of the rabbit named Frank in the movie Donnie Darko. It has the same scary expression. o_O Have you seen that movie?

Donnie Darko to Patrick Swayze's character (a self-confidence promotor for kids): "I think you're the f**king anti-Christ."


I have not seen said movie, and I thought about adding my regrets, though perhaps it is just as well that I don't. ::fears::

Donnie Darko has time-travel discussions (which are very interesting), imagery, dark humor, hallucinations, and a bunch of other stuff. It's so weird. You just have to see it. Donnie is fairly off-putting but that's because the poor kid is nuts, or at least seems so. Go rent it! Drew Barrymore and Noah Wyle are in there too as teachers.

"Cellar door."



Okay, I might. *But* I do not have a VCR. ...Or a TV, come to mention it. :p