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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]

I saw Katychan and Brichan and Joychan and Daniel and Emily-from-West and Shan and Jenny and Katie and Becky and Grace and Matt and Brad and Chris and qubic and Shanny-bee and Elizabeth and Val (but I didn't say hi) and Paul and Mallory and Zach (going for the Weird Al look, hard-core - just needs glasses) and Casey and Mattie (i'm so OLD!...) and ANNA ::loffs Anna:: and STEVE FROM COLTS ::faint:: and Jacob and Tim (who I didn't recognize) and some more people even than that who I didn't recognize to the point of not being able to name and Brittany's little sister whose name I can't remember 'cos I am dumb and Daniel's mom and dad and Joy's mom and dad and Katy's mom and dad and Mike who is no longer a scrub and Mike D (the original, not the drum guy) and Mike and Matt and some other parents and Miss Emry and the new guy. EEEEEE! No joke about the feeling old though X'-p


I went to Starbucks this morning, 'cos I wanted to, and also on the off chance that Charlie was working there. He wasn't, but the guy who took my order was incredibly friendly and sweet, and it made me grin. :D

I ate 2000000 (ie., 4) pieces of toast for breakfast and made Really Good Omelets (tm) for me and Katychan for lunch (she had velveeta, I had smoked gouda, with ham and lightly sauteed onions; i also found the herbs before finishing mine, so it had dill & basil & garlic.) The gouda was weird, but good (esp. with the ham.) And then there was the Really Good Taco Salad for dinner. EEEEEE!

And now I have to go get shot in the arm. Boo.

AND i have to call FRESHMEN!... shiiiit. Oh well - I was not planning to turn in my call-log anyway.

Addendum to Boogly-Eyes: So where *were* you last night? ::scritches::

Current Music: Calling All Angels (yes, again)

You know what? I never thanked you for coming to Ice Cream Social. So, THANK YOU!!! (Better late than never, eh?)


My pleasure. :D

Especially since Mr. Vendt gives the hugest whipped cream shots known to mankind.