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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]

I am cold wet clean tired achy trek junkie having fixed four dots today (kinda - dumb boys in parking lot but eventually they ignored me and i them) packed two boxes (or three?) marched about a mile will be on tour 48 hours from now and that doesn't sound too bad at the moment thank heaven cleaned out 75k worth of LJ emails only 700k more to go put all my things from this comp in one location pending HD reformat having too much to do as always found cool tour things at Walmart need to cut fingernails need to dry out ears should drink more water but then will have to pee at 4 AM will eat orange rolls and fried mushrooms for breakfast in the morning overstimulated myself with tea at BreadCo *this* morning washed sleeping bag copied dots but the staff will god-hammer me anyway because no way I'll remember them all unless maybe I memorize all the way to Dubuque but I want to drive at least a little so Mom doesn't have to but mom always sleeps when she's not driving and that's no fun. Samantha is away at friend's house partying yakking (not on the phone for once) sleeping? improbable.


Current Mood: damp
Current Music: Come on Eileen - No Doubt