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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]

::is utterly fascinated by differences between LJ's code interpretation of the [lj-user] tag and people's self-coded recreations of said tags:: View Source is the jam.

Speaking of 'the jam' - I wonder if Tim's in pit again this year or no. I thought he aged out, but then I also thought he came to some of the camps. ::scratches head::

I spent a good half hour today staring out my window at birds alighting on the power lines above the backyard. Then I started to think about what a cool screensaver that would be. I wondered if there was a way to make it so you started with the post appearing on top of an image of your desktop, and then you could do like a Hitchcock thing where the birds would peck away the image until there was a black screen - or whether they could clear swatches of black where they flew. (I assume there is *some* way to do this as we had a few AfterDark screensavers, way back on the LC40, that cleared paths where images had been - there was one where it looked like drops of rain splashing on to the screen, and there was one of the generic bouce-colored-lines-about-the-screen kind.) I considered all the elements that could be user-determined (well, or not) - how many birds (or how many within a range), what kind of post the lines were attatched to (or whether there was a post at all), what type and color the knobs on the post were, whether there was a transformer on the post, how many wires, whether it was windy, whether you could see the ground, whether the post would repop somewhere else on the screen after a certain amount of time - for the slightly twisted, whether the occasional larger bird could come along and electrocute itself on the wires and whether or not its corpse would then disappear off the bottom of the screen or (in keeping with the Hitchcock theme) be pecked away by the smaller birds. I thought about how you could perhaps set all of those to Random (so if the post repopped it would be different.) I wondered if all the birds' movements could be generated using one block of code, or whether you could make each bird have its own chunk to govern its behavior. I thought then about how if you did that, you would have to write another thing to recreate a chunk for a new bird flying onto the screen to replace a bird that flies off the screen.

I even started to contemplate the basic mechanics of the program, but I was impeded by the fact that the only programming language I know at all is QBasic. :p

Why am I a music major, again? I could have so much fun creating this program, except that I don't freaking know HOW. I don't even know what language I might want to learn to best write it or how to make it compatible with, say, Windows' screensaver system. Grrooowaarrr. Grr. Snarl.


take it from a programmer going back to school to be an English major, it isn't all that. ;) it's very frustrating and non-tech management generally doesn't have a clue...

teach yoruself c, perl, and php and play at home for fun :)


it's very frustrating and non-tech management generally doesn't have a clue...

This sounds surprisingly like education... and music... and religion..... ;)

Ah, the joys of QBasic. ::plays Nibbles::