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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]


And I got 8 hours worth of As (horn, theory, AS, thana) and 10 hours worth of Bs (piano, NT, expos, and history.)

Yes, the history class whose final time I missed half of. Yes, the Expos class for which I wrote the research paper which came back with "This isn't really a paper at all" but that still got an A-, and for which I completely ignored an entire 4-page assignment. Have a 3.44 semester and a 3.81 cumulative.

Which means that maybe I can do honors next sem., since I can't take piano lessons. YOOPEE!

Pizza for dinner tonight. Discussion:
Dad: Do you want to order pizza while I'm out [picking up sister] or do you want to not eat till 7:30 or 8?
Mom: We should wait till you pick up Samantha, but I'll go --
Dad: Fine, we won't eat till 7:30 or 8.

I love my dad, but he can be such a jackass. Mom's going to go pick the pizza up (Papa John's is just down the street) - if Samantha's actually where she's supposed to be when she's supposed to be there (she's getting picked up at 6:30), they'll be home by 6:40 and we'll have dinner by 7.

Dude, I have so gotten nothing done today. ::sigh::

Weird dreams last night. Had dream that Abby Romang was in my SAI chapter and that the chapter had formerly been divided into Red Families and Green Families (a sort of dusty olive shade - the same color as my shorts) but since the chapter had grown, it was now divided into Red, Gold, and White families. I remembered that I thought before I pledged that I would be Hilary's kid and be in a Red family because Red families were the best (they were the Good SAIs; Green Families were the odd unconventional people) and that was that. I don't remember what color I *was* (whether I had been Green or Old Red and had become something else, or what) but I remember laughing at myself for thinking that.

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