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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]
As seen in mctabby and morrigain


Aside to Gypsy: Sorry, I must have gotten carried away with comments. Will try to remember to post more often. am a RETARD and completely missed the middle section of your friends meme >:p ;D

These bits from recenter entries however long ago in the vague/fuzzy past they were. Blronk.

angelofthenorth I need a life. Does anyone have one for sale?
arthenadent If they had kept in Keanu's Original Matrix-Whoa, I would have been quite happy with it.
chickyboo Went to see Matrix: Reloaded. It was.. ::the ut-most evil of snickers:: interesting... Heather and I are going to turn it into a musical. Think you know? You have NO idea. *Note: welcome to yet another friendslist sneak, musicmajors cohort TK. ;D When did you come from?? ::feels oblivious::
code65536 Yeeeeehaaaw! Iiiiiiiiiiiit's SUMMER!
glitteraryfaery 21-7=14, 14-7=7, 7-7=0 ... My math skills astound me sometimes.
kitkatlj Did grown men from 20 to 50 dressed in all-white painters' style outfits with green and yellow tassles, bows, and bells attached come to your school to prance about, beat sticks, and wave scarves (13th-century English style) to wish you good luck and fertility. Didn't think so. Ha.
lorelei66 Hmm. Yay to apathy. woo.
mctabby Members of the audience may now start passing the popcorn and snogging in the back row.
morrigain Gacked from sophie728 who is the most horrible, mean, harlot-y, Beckham-loving freak England has ever seen. I love her.
qtfriend2all After perusing it, she found me to be a nice and funny person (yay for being BONO!)
smsuprincess i have become a huge norah jones fan..thanks to brandon...i'd never even listened to her before i started talking to him..punk;) j/k
spacegirlg Between him, Straczynski, and Joss Whedon, these guys get around!!!
thejill last cuss word uttered: f*ck (when I realized I needed to install the OS on my server again
villanelle chances are if you won't eat it, i probably won't either. unless it's ragu express! i'm all about ragu express!
viola_dreamwalk Then I had brief but intense fear that my Tom came out sounding like a melodramatic giant chicken. ^_- Which, admittedly, didn't stop me for long.
a_good_storm Ewww, scrapple

There are a bunch of nuns and Armed-Forces-looking people on TV (Bravo) singing O Danny Boy for some reason.

I completely forgot that they built a new stadium in St. Louis. I don't *think* I've ever been there. Not that I remember anyway. It's shaped almost just like the old one - high all 'round with the arches along the top edge. But the outfield has these funny little lobes on it. ...Coincidentally, at 3-6 with 2 out in the 9th, it looks like the Cards might actually not lose this one. Strike this guy out, Eldred....

Great jerb! And the Cards win it. :D

Tomorrow: Dad to St. L; me to dentist to FINALLY get my stupid teeth fixed from 2.5 YEARS AGO.

Now for coffeecocoa and more of the Day of Sitting Round in Big T-Shirts and Sweatpants and Doing None of the Things i Should. ::bes a proud putz::

Current Music: "Make the NOISE, make the NOISE, i LIVE for the NOISE!" --eddie izzard

::giggles:: I dunno? I thought you added me?


Only just now...

::shruggle:: Oh well, whatever ;)

*needs to reply to all of Lucy's comments*


Eh. Take your time.

So long as you take it before the end of the month ;D


I promise, my captain! my queen!



::has an 8th-grade English moment::


I need to watch that last seen in LOTR and do a whole Gypsy as Boromir and Lucy as Aragorn scene. That would be odd.




::rereads comments::


Hee! I get to be Viggo Mortensen! ::hops about::