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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]


i <3 Orson Scott Card

that is all.

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I love Orson Scott Card, too. Pray tell me what brought this up?


My sister brought home Shadow of the Hegemon, on loan from one of her friends. I stayed up till 3 in the morning reading almost the whole thing in one sitting. ;D

I was really glad when I learned OSC had picked up a different thread at the end of Ender's Game - I finished Speaker for the Dead but I never really got into it, and (having been warned that Xenocide was the slowest read of the lot) never read any more of that series. Tho I might take another crack at it one of these days. It's been... six years?!... since then.

I was just moping around about my failure to finish those when I happened across Ender's Shadow at the local library. That was a happy day. Then yesterday I prised Hegemon straight out of Samantha's hands and scarcely put it down. ;p

And now I've half a mind to run straight to B&N and demand a copy of Shadow Puppets.


I've read all of them, and while I liked the rest of the Ender series (Xenocide, Speaker, etc.) they were definitely different. Of course, I love Bean so I enjoyed the other set more, but they're also closer to the original in terms of subject matter and style.


Yeah. I had difficulty switching gears between the buggers and the descolada.

Tho come to mention it, it is the images of Speaker that have stuck with me most. I occasionally mull over the ideas of vivisection and the sentient trees and a world necessarily of such limited biodiversity. The only time I think of Battle School is when I notice centrifugal force at work on something.

Go figure.

Maybe one of these days I'll even venture out of the realm of Ender.


That's true - but then it seems to me like the Ender series was more theoretical than anything else. A lot of the ideas are catchy, yes, but that's what the novels are based on. The first Ender book and the Bean books are more about plot and characterization than the world-building of the Ender series.



Have discovered hatrack.com. Am officially fascinated. ::drool::

D'you think I could get any more OSC devotees by plugging Ender fanfic to the HP fandom?

This is unfortunately a purely theoretical question at the moment, as I have no bunnies nor even a nice chinchilla.


Oh, I love hatrack. Some of the Q&A section is completely brilliant.

And I think quite a few HP fans also like Ender.


::hops about::

::looks for bunny burrows::