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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]

or in a long time anyway ;D

Took Sarah to the Wind-Up as finally getting around to me taking her out for pageturning for the opera.

DUDE. ::drool::

It was kinda busy - I felt a little bad for taking up a table, because all the rest of them were reserved - it got a little crunchy a bit before we left; the gentlemen sitting at the large table were shoo'd out just as the next bunch came in.
Er, so what was the punchline here? Lunch was FAB. I had asparagus soup, a veggie sandwich (cooked eggplant, tomatoes, feta - sprouts on top) with some tangy lettuce bits (not really A Salad as it was just lettuce, but it was saladish). And papaya fool for dessert. I never had fool before! It was yummmmy. Really my only complaint was that there was a bit more of it than I actually wanted! And Sarah had a creole egg salad sandwich (that struck me as odd - so I didn't order one ;D ), which also had tangy lettuce bits, and blackberry/raspberry sherbet which was the most incredible fetching shade of purple and tasted FANTASTIC. Also being served was fruit and cheese platter, featuring brie, gorgonzola, strawberries, and an entire quarter of pineapple (fronds and all.) May try that if they have it next time. :D And there was fresh lemonade that was awesome because it was not sweet at all, and played nice counterpoint to the fool.

Mr. (?) Inman and his father (in-law?) were there and Pres. Inman came along later, and there was an older lady I recognize from around here somewhere who was with another older lady that Sarah knew from her church. Doc R. (on whose recommendation we went in the first place) stopped by and picked up some lunches for takeaway. And there were some people I didn't know - but they all seemed to know each other and chatted across the room. And some other people played with the toys on the tables (at the next table over, there was a seal that waddled and spun a ball on its nose; we had a tractor with a separate trailor - and the key was in the smokestack, which I thought was about the coolest thing ever.) We got to sit at the green octagon table in the window! The atmosphere was generally awesome... all in all, probably the best lunching experience I've had around here!

Lest I float away on a cloud of culinary delight, I am bringing myself back to reality with a bottle of Coke (ganked from Sarah many moons ago, because it was really good Coke) and a Thanatology paper. :)

Beth (the RA) borrowed a euph! From Wade (where Wade got it I don't know.) I asked her why, and she said she used to play in high school and she just wanted to noodle around a bit. I thought that was really cool. It gives me warm fuzzies to think about :D :D ...What brings this up is because she left it in our room. :p ;D

Yup. Doing paper. Then running awaaaay! :D

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Wait a second! I thought you were out of school. You're writing a thanatology (whatever the heck that is) paper?!


Last final was the morning of this entry. :D


Thanatology: the study of death and dying; its rituals, customs, psychology, etc.


Oooh, that'd be an interesting course to take.


Indeed, it was. Fascinating in fact. :) I am looking forward to taking other esoteric religion/philosophy courses in future...