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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]

It looks menacing outside.

I played a little Frisbee. I didn't suck by the time we were done.

I was almost an hour late to my History final - Bradley only gave me a minimal amount of crap, and I still got done within the hour left. And I only missed ONE ID term. ::gives self a cookie::

Good times last night - driving around, schplunking in creeks, eating ice cream. Mmm.

I do not understand why silly boys keep trying to open the door even though their door has ALWAYS needed a card.

Time to open window wide to woodsy viviparous menacing air and take a nice nap. The best part of pulling an all-nighter is making up for it afterward. Mmmmm.

Addendum: Big rolls of thunder outside. Maybe not with the sleeping after all, but with the sitting in the rain...

Current Mood: tiredtired
Current Music: Let my love open the door - Let my love open the door....

Please don't electrocute yourself!


Don't worry, I didn't. (I went to sleep after all! it was GREAT.)

It was also very menacing (but also very cool looking!) outside today when we got to CIS (South high) today around noon. It was raining when we were going to and leaving 6th hour, but it was totally sunny and blue (except for off to the west :x) when we left at 2:15. Hmm.

Apparently it's supposed to be reallly bad here Thursday...there's stuff building up, like it did up to the tornadoes Sunday, same kinda thing all over again. I hope maybe it'll just storm, and no tornadoes and no hurt people. :(

How much more school/finals do you have left? I never see you on AIM anymore...I don't think I've mentioned my new SN is Absolution05 though, so that could be it. Ding me if you see me!! When do you leave for Colts? OOH. I'm trying to organize a roadtrip with some of my other DCI obsessed friends to go see the Southwest Championships in San Antonio. (Hope you all don't get sick again, hee.) I'd love to go see that show SO MUCH. That's like...all the god-like corps, in one place. Hooha! And a week before that, I may end up at Drums Across the Rockies with about the same group of people (different mommy/daddy driver set, lol). I can't wait for this summer!! Why does May have to go so slow (and so fast sometimes, too)?!

Boys are always silly, period. *nod*


Had a v. pretty sunset tonight post-menacing. :D

My last final is tomorrow at 8A, but then I have choir at 10 and band rehearsal at 3 on Friday, and Baccalaureate and Graduation on the 11th (...yup... mother's day.) >:/

Will ding. :D Tour departs the 1st, but we have camp memorial day weekend and I'm still somewhat unclear on whether or not I will be returning home in the meantime.

ROAD TRIP! That would be the jam. I just wish the Alamodome wasn't SO FEKKING HUGE... I get tireder walking to and from the show than I do actually performing it. X-p

Inverness Field = God of stadiums.

But... come to mention it, we're not going west this year. :/ So we wouldn't be there. :p ::cries:: Dangit! I *liked* Colorado! So what if I couldn't breathe? It was half as warm as farking Florida's going to be. ::dies in advance::

Indeed about silly boys. Tho I don't remember why you mention it.

You're a senior?? Or are you just playing at graduation? I can tend to get confused about people's ages quite easily. Baccalaureate what?

I've never seen the Alamodome, and OH YES I wish you all were going to DATR again this year! Grr. Oh well. I reallllly hope I can come stalk you at SWC this year. :) And Wichita again. Definitely should write again this summer. :D

I do not understand why silly boys keep trying to open the door even though their door has ALWAYS needed a card. Yes, silly boys. :P


Just playing

Baccalaureate: Immediate pre-grad churchy service.

Well, the Alamodome is fekking huge. You could probably fit the entire CMC campus inside it 8-p

Yay, writing. :D :D :D

And - stalk away. I'd be glad to see you again. :) :)