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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]

It's time for another good round of the Healing Mojo!

Feel better soon, Gypsy!


Aww, spanks! ::hug::

Woah! Kinky! ;D

Shure thing, m'dear! ::hugs back::

Re: Woah! Kinky? o_O



Yay! I did it again! ::dances about::

Re: ;D

You crack me up. Hee, see? You did it again!

Re: ;D



hey, that sounds kind of like


Though why that is important to me, I could not for certain say... ::skritches head::

Re: ;D


Which then sounds like HOOOOBBLAAH!, which then sounds like hooplah, which reminds me of hoo-la-hoop.

Isn't Alvin the Chipmunk who wanted a hoo-la-hoop for Christmas? Or was it a harmonica?

Re: ;D

::has no idea::

::sings the Chipmunks theme song, just for good measure::

Re: ;D

I want a chipmunk and a pair of gay penguins for Christmas!

</ random thought>

Re: ;D

::dies laughing::

Re: ;D

That's how I'd like to die. Laughing. ;-)

Re: ;D


BTW, your new userpic rooooles.

Re: ;D

::forsees Draco/penguin in the near future::

Re: ;D

Oh, no you don't. No evil plot bunnies.

Re: ;D


erm. sorry ;D