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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]

Will did his DM audition today. I think I am officially creamed, and I am almost completely certain that I can no longer claim to have done the most difficult conducting. :p He conducted Havendance... several phrases came to mind during and after, including things like "OH MY FARKING GORN!" and "I'm not worthy!!" I think perhaps Sab summed it up best...

So I can (...probably...) go back to playing my happy horn. Well... whew. :) :) :)

But if I don't then I'll *definitely* feel like I shouldn't have tried out. Hmm. >:/ ...

::tells herself to kindly borrow trouble handier home, in a temporal sense::


Carla once again insisted on reading first part in Ben's absence. Think I am going to start hiding his folder on days when he doesn't look like he's going to show. >>>:/ Since I refuse to read second unless absolutely necessary, it throws the harmonies all out of whack, because the section is all top part and no bottom part. ::nasty snarl:: PLUS, I really don't understand why one would ever be possessed to waste time rehearsing something that they WERE NEVER GOING TO PERFORM. PLUS, it's never... ever... EVER... in tune. Xp

...Astonishingly, after my two-hour night, I have really had no trouble staying awake all day (though no doubt I am moving a bit more slowly than usual.)

Had a rumble at lunch with that d*** b**** who always changes the channel. I think I scared her - eyewitnesses report that after I left, she didn't say another word until she left the cafeteria. Muwahaha. Plus, one of the girls who was sitting at the table with her went up to Mattie and Reggie (who were eating with me) and apologized for whatsherface being such a bint, etc. Which I thought was really sweet. ...Also after aforementioned rumble, a random guy wandered back and changed the TV to ESPN. I sighed, sat down next to him, and explained sweetly that we'd just been through a whole big fiasco with the channel and stuff, and he was like "Oh, dude, I'm sorry! I'll put it back! What channel was it on?"

MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I roooole the hizzouse! :D :D

Tyedyed a t-shirt at Zeta "Turn Off the TV Week" activty. Was soooo purty - looks like a sunset! But I hung it on the line to dry and went to dinner, and when I came back, the line had been taken down. Do not therefore know where it has got to. 8p Think is mayhaps in Holt lobby... ::crosses fingers:: In conjunction with said tshirt dying, Ashley wandered by, and we got to discuss for a while. Yay for seeing Ashley. :D :D

Just had bit of rehearsal w/strings & organ & trumpet. I think mebbe the Mass will be okay after all. Mrs. Manulik is going to sneak us a note so we don't have to pick a C major chord out of our butts like Lindeman thinks we should. Perhaps if we'd been working on it all semester we would be able to by now - but hello, the concert's in what, three days? >:/ Stupid man. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

And now for practicing piano ... am kind of having trouble concentrating (sigh) .... and revising Expos portfolio a bit. And then perhaps (gasp!) going to bed in a Timely Fashion!


And NO EXPOS TOMORROW!! ... double wheee!

Addendum (10:27 P):

It is raining. :D :D :D

I am sunburned. 8p Perhaps more importantly, I am not sure how this happened. ::puzzles::

My utili-mug is the coolest thing (object) this school has given me yet. I <3 it a lot, and I've even managed to keep it non-scummy for the first... what... three days since it's been washed ;D.

Never mind about that not falling asleep thing... I dozed off while waiting for this page to load. :p

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