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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]
Uh, dude.

My paper's going to be done. WOOHOO.

I still don't understand why I get so worked up about this stuff. :p

Tonight a band called Spur (out of St. Louis) came to play for Spring Fling. I dunno if it was because Wade & Ryan seemed to (somewhat haphazardly) end up jamming (ie., playing the whole show) with them, but they had a weird vibe. They didn't seem very coherent. Or cohesive, rather. *I'm* the one who's not coherent. ;D

On the other hand, Kevin sang House of the Rising Sun, and I nearly fell over and crapped myself. You wouldn't think he could sing just to hear him talk. ::scratches head:: But, dude. Word to that.

Update, 3:45 A: ONE MORE PAGE to go! w00t!

Another update, 5:10 A: Six full pages of Courier New (double-spaced.) And I'm DONE. :D :D :D

Getting up in 3 hours. w00t! ...um... x-p

Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished
Current Music: Mothers, tell your children / Not to do what I have done...
Work it!

Hooray for pulling all nights and using Courier New to help papers along! hahahahaha Rock on! You guys have spring fling too? So do we here at my illustrious (riiiiiight) all woman's college. What is your paper for?

Oh, I'm working... let me tell you what. ;D

History 117 (America, pre-colonialization through Reconstruction.)

::stabs own eyes out::


"House of the Rising Sun" is the official anthem for my piece of shit dorm room. It's the house of sin and misery, all right. Well, okay, a little light on the sin. We definitely want to tell our children not to do what we've done, aka live in a room that seems like it was prepared by Satan.



Review for my benefit: Why is your room so satanic?