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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]

BTW, I would (for the record) like to say that Chen Kenichi's sons are HOT. Especially the one on the left. ::drool, drool, DROOL::


Who is Chen Kenichi?!?

Re: Ummm.....

Iron Chef Chinese!

Said sons came to watch him duke it out with Iron Chef French Sakai for the Iron Chef Grand Finale. (Which was actually like 5 years ago and is only just now getting here from Japan. Oh well, whatever.)

Re: Ummm.....

Oh, I hear that show is pretty good. I've never watched it before though! What's it all about?

Re: Ummm.....

Well, there would be a challenger who would 'do battle' with the Iron Chef (or later, one of the Iron Chefs.) A random ingredient that was to be used in every dish was announced at the beginning (sometimes a certain vegetable or seafood or something). Both people would have an hour to cook up a bunch of really fantastic dishes, which were then tasted and rated by some random famous people.

It's really quite entertaining, and I trust it will appear in reruns before long :D

Tuna eyeball kebabs and eel jello!

Last I knew, it was on Food Network, Friday nights at 9. Maybe at midnight as well, plus Saturdays at some point. Check it out!
::dons glittery cape and bites into yellow pepper:: I present to you the IRON CHEFS!!!



Yea, I think that was when it was. ::scritches head:: My weekend = a bit of a blur. :p